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How to turn a letterbox full of Junk Mail into something useful

  I recently watched a YouTube clip on How to Make a Basket from Newspaper. It inspired me to make my own, substituting used glossy, coloured catalogues as I didn’t want to get newsprint ink all over me. Here is

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How to Repurpose your Food Scraps and Green Waste

Everyone should compost their green waste. It makes economic and environmental sense. There is a method to suit every household, whether you live in a house, townhouse or apartment. Composting Methods: Lidded Bin System Tumbler Worm Farm Hot Composting Fermentation

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What does Living Frugally mean & Why should I try it?

What is meant by “Living Frugally” ? It is determining what you want out of your life, and finding a way to make it happen;  better money management, bargain shopping and creativity   [ not just DIY, but also thinking

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How you can save BIG with simple actions

Do you know what a Fatberg is?  Learn what it is and how to prevent it, while saving yourself some money Regular maintenance and preventative measures will save you money long-term. Here are a few easy things you can do

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Save Money by putting Your Food Scraps to Good Use

So you have chopped up your vegetables for dinner; what do you do with the scraps?  Easy.  Recycle, Repurpose or ReUse them to Save Money Recycle  You could place them in your compost bin in the garden to break down

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How to Personalise your Valentines Card

Show your l♥ve by giving a customised greeting card, into which you have put some time, effort and thought – rather than one you have just bought off-the-shelf. The easiest way to do this is to repurpose an old card,

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Heart & Craft ♥ Frugal Gifts you can create without looking cheap this Valentines Day

You don’t need to spend a fortune to show your l♥ve for your Valentine.  There are plenty of ideas on Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr to get you started. Here are a few cost-effective and downright cheap ideas to give you

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How to Repurpose Plastic Bottles into Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes made from Repurposed Plastic Bottles

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