How to Personalise your Valentines Card

Valentines card DIYShow your lve by giving a customised greeting card, into which you have put some time, effort and thought – rather than one you have just bought off-the-shelf.

The easiest way to do this is to repurpose an old card, unless you have a selection of coloured cardboard.

I upcycled an old Christmas Card from 4 or 5 years ago which I had been holding onto [or is that hoarding?]   I liked the card stock which had a leathergrain texture.  I just used the back of the card which was perfectly good as the greeting had been written on a separate paper insert.


  • An old card or coloured cardboard
  • Coloured paper, upon which you write your message
  • Baking paper [aka parchment paper & bakery paper] or Tissue paper to trace onto to make a template
  • Pencil
  • Sharp Needle & Pin or an extra needle
  • Coloured thread or wool  [thicker thread looks better]
  • Ruler (optional)


  1. Select a suitable image for your recipient. I Googled “lips” and also “human lips” and was presented with hundreds of images. This is one I selected for my project.


Photo source:

  1. Make a template by placing your Baking paper or Tissue paper over your image and outlining it  [ Obviously, don’t try this with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen! ] or you can print it.
  2. Firmly pin this image onto the cardboard or card you are repurposing. Try to place the pin in a place where you will need holes for sewing through.  Leave room for your first personalised message on the cover which you can either sew in or use a paint pen, marker pen or glitter pen.
lips traced

Tracing paper attached & pin holes are made ready for sewing

  1. Use a sharp needle to make holes through the template and cardboard.

Tip:   In the example at the start of this post, I have measured and marked dots on the upper and lower extremities as well as along the equator so that the      threads will all run north/south in parallel.

  1. Remove your template, thread your needle with your selected thread and sew

Below are some more ideas to give you some inspiration for your personalised cards:

Sewn Valentines Card


Sewn hearts


 Happy sewing!

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2 comments on “How to Personalise your Valentines Card
  1. What a great idea thank you. Those are so cute.


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