How to look Stylish without Spending a Fortune

Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Faux Pas?

I have always believed and lived by the adage   ‘It doesn’t cost a fortune to look good’.   In fact I have known people who have spent a fortune on their wardrobe, keeping up with the latest fashion but failed in looking good as they do not have ‘staples’ to stand by.

The key to style is owning key pieces that you can mix and match, building a repertoire of timeless looks that continue to look up-to-date at any age.

As these items are the bones of your wardrobe, select classical, timeless cuts in solid colours as they are less memorable as patterns can date.  Add accessories like bags, belts, scarves, ties, wraps, jewellery [ especially pearls which never date ] and shoes, over time to change or update your look. It is your accessories that determine your look – casual, smart, corporate, evening, etc.

Saving money by investing in accessories and buying some of your key clothing staples from Charity stores is a Win / Win / Win:

  • You get a great price
  • The Charity receives the cash for families less fortunate than yourself and
  • The environment wins too, by reusing items already produced.

If you are interested in Upcycling items on clothing, go to this site for some ideas of what you can do:

White Shirtmens white shirtThe White Shirt:

A white cotton shirt looks great on everyone, whether it is tucked in or hanging free and it suits all body shapes and sizes.

Wear it with jeans for a casual look or with a skirt or tailored pants for a corporate look.

Hint:  Check the label to see if you can use whitening agents on it, as it will yellow over time.

Photo source:

mens jeanswhite-jeansblack jeansJeans:

Whether you prefer blue denim, black or white, find a pair that fits like a glove and you will wear them until they become threadbare.


Photo sources:

blazermens jacketBlazer / Jacket:

Choose a classical-styled Blazer/Jacket that won’t date. It can be worn with jeans and a white shirt for a smart casual look or a skirt to suit a corporate look, which will take you to drinks and dinner.

Photo sources:

Trench coatmens trenchThe Trench:

A classic camel trench ties your 9-to-5 wardrobe altogether. However if camel isn’t your colour, there are various colours and lengths to choose from.

As soon as you put it on and walk out the door you will feel instantly polished.  It’s a great item to wear, to hide your After-5 wear, if you are catching public transport.

Photo source:

mens black pants

Black Pants:

A sleek pair of black trousers with a flattering fit transcends trends. It is a master of multitasking. You can wear it with just about anything else in your closet.

Photo sources:

 turtleneckClassic merino wool turtleneck - BlackThe Turtleneck:

If investing in any piece of knitwear for winter, make it the fitted turtleneck in a solid colour. My preferred colour is black but not everyone can wear black near their face. If unsure what are your best colours go to:

Select from ribbed textures to cashmere and chunky knits. You will be surprised how often you will wear it.

 Photo sources:

mens leather jacketleather jacketThe Leather Jacket:

Fashion is about attitude so select a style to suit your personality and accessorise it accordingly.

 Photo sources:



And of course, you cannot go through life without a classical Little Black Dress. Choose a simple cut that will take you from day to night – just accessorise accordingly.

Photo source: 

a-line skirtThe Skirt:

A flattering knee length A-Line skirt in a breathable fabric will take you from season to season. Pair this with the White Shirt as mentioned previously, as well as mixing and matching it with other shirts as you add to your wardrobe.

Photo source:

red lipsRed Lipstick:

Red Lipstick never goes out of fashion. There is a shade of Red to suit all skin tones. If you are not sure what shade suits, visit a beauty counter and ask for suggestions.

Alternatively, look at magazine ads with models that have the same skin tone as yourself and read what brand and colour was applied and try a sample yourself in-store.

Photo source:


Refer previous post How to Save Time & Money in Your Wardrobe for tips on how to organise your wardrobe so that you always have something to wear.

What is your favourite classical piece of clothing you can’t live without?




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4 comments on “How to look Stylish without Spending a Fortune
  1. jncthedc says:

    I’m partial to the pea coat. Stylish and can be worn in the winter for play and for dress.

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  2. Jim says:

    I’d love to, provided my wife will let me spend…. Really good article!


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