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How to Repurpose disappointing Beauty products

Have you ever purchased or been given a product that was disappointing, didn’t live up to the advertising hype, or was just not suitable for your skin-type but you don’t want to throw it out and waste it? Here are

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How To Repurpose Your Old T-shirts

Normally, when a piece of clothing is past its wearable lifespan, it goes straight into my cleaning rag collection;  that is, until recently.  A photo similar to this one appeared in my Facebook page feed.  I had seen plenty of

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What do you do with Tamper evident bands ?

Tamper-evident bands are commonplace in today’s packaging world.  If disposed of incorrectly, they can end up in our waterways and choke birds and sealife.   I found after just 3 weeks of reclaiming, that they soon add up.   These

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Have you stopped pod casting yet?

I have been totally against purchasing a pod system, for making hot beverages such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate at the push of a button, because I was concerned about the amount of waste it creates However, recently I

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Save Money by putting Your Food Scraps to Good Use

So you have chopped up your vegetables for dinner; what do you do with the scraps?  Easy.  Recycle, Repurpose or ReUse them to Save Money Recycle  You could place them in your compost bin in the garden to break down

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Repurpose your Bread and Crusts

This week’s Guest Post is by Jim ” Eat your Crusts, they’ll make your hair go Curly ” so said Nanna, all those years ago. You might remember a while back that I wrote about a bread pudding inspired by

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Heart & Craft ♥ Frugal Gifts you can create without looking cheap this Valentines Day

You don’t need to spend a fortune to show your l♥ve for your Valentine.  There are plenty of ideas on Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr to get you started. Here are a few cost-effective and downright cheap ideas to give you

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How to Repurpose Plastic Bottles into Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes made from Repurposed Plastic Bottles

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