Have you taken the $21 Supermarket Challenge yet ?


My Chef  [ a.k.a. my Hubby ]  has injured himself and he won’t be in His Natural Domain  [ i.e., The Kitchen, Pantry and Freezer ]  for about the next 2 months …  so I am in the driver’s seat for feeding the family … oh, and playing nurse.

$21 challenge book cover

I recently read a fabulous book called  ‘ The $21 Challenge ‘ by Authors Jackie Gower and Fiona Lippey.

This book is a simple guide to show you how to spend just $21 on food to feed your family for the week, without coupons.

You can visit their website for FREE sample chapters to get you started:  http://www.simplesavings.com.au/21dollarchallenge

Their basic principle is that you clean out your pantry, cupboards, refrigerator and freezer of all those hidden-away items that you have forgotten to eat.   By spending just $21 weekly on a few fresh ingredients  [ like bread, milk, some meat, fruit and vegetables ]  to supplement these items you can make delicious, nourishing recipes.

Challenge Accepted !

Hubby runs His Natural Domain like a Survivalist.  [ I’m beginning to wonder how deeply the Y2K scare affected not just him, but other people ? ].  That is, if we ever do have a natural disaster, to have enough non-perishable food for at least 12 months.  I personally think he has watched too many movies.

Since I’ve been Cook, I haven’t receive any complaints from Hubby and have, in fact, received quite a few praises.  I must have picked up some cooking tips from him after all these years     [ that’s what he says, anyway … ].

I believe I will easily achieve this $21 challenge.  I didn’t need to visit the supermarket for the first 2 weeks.  On week 3, I just picked up a few essentials and self-indulgences  –  Wine and Chocolate anyone?

I’ll keep you up-to-date at the end of my challenge.

Do you have any similar experiences or Can you recommend a book like this?



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3 comments on “Have you taken the $21 Supermarket Challenge yet ?
  1. jncthedc says:

    Eating organic whole foods might make the $21 challenge a bit challenging. Although, if the $21 challenge was a weight loss challenge eating organic whole foods would likely win the event!!(considering the cost of many of these products!!) 🙂

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