The Name

You are probably wondering about the name, Growing Snowballs

Think about a snowball rolling down the hill, either for real or in a cartoon.  Notice how the snowball picks up more snow and grows larger.

Now think about that same snowball rolling down a hill of money picking up more and more money on its way.

That is what I want you to think about each time you introduce a money saving tip into your daily habit.

Imagine how much extra money you will have at the end of the year to spend on holidays, gifts or just splurging on a treatment – being a massage, facial, botox or whatever takes you fancy.

Why not keep a running tally and tell me how much you have saved!

4 comments on “The Name
  1. I saw your name on the blogroll for Blogging 201 and just had to check it out. Very clever. i get excited with saving 35 cents with a coupon, so I will have to keep up with your blog. 🙂

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