How living in an Apartment can Save you Time and Money


There are many reasons why you should rent an Apartment if you want to Save Time and Money and this is how you can get a headstart:


A smaller floor plan can equal reduced gas and electric bills, thanks to the reduced amount of space to heat and cool


Apartment dwellers can clean their homes in a fraction of the time that it takes those living in a large home.  Therefore using less electricity and probably less cleaning products.  Less time spent cleaning means more time for more enjoyable activities

Less gardening:

Gardens are a lot of work. They consume your time and money: a lawn mower, gardening tools, fertilisers and water

With a few well-placed flowerpots you can still grow some herbs to add a little greenery and help with cooking.  If you still want to get your hands in the soil, join a community gardens or volunteer for land care projects


Some of the bigger apartment developments can have swimming pools, gyms and rooftop communal gardens.  You get to enjoy all the amenities without the personal upkeep

Some apartment developments have a supermarket, cafés, restaurants and movie theatres included on the ground floor which means you are less likely to need a car if you have good public transport links.  Thus you can save money on fuel, parking and car servicing


Living in an apartment means you generally accumulate less stuff that you didn’t really need in the first place, and this can also equate to a smaller carbon footprint


Most apartments are harder to burgle than a house thanks to their height and intercoms. This can cut down your insurance bills


Not only do apartments have less upkeep in general, there’s also a body corporate there to handle any of the building’s bigger issues that need fixing. So you can spend your weekends doing what you want to do rather than having to visit the local hardware store to purchase items to repair your house.

How do you save money on your Housing Budget ?

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