How to Repurpose disappointing Beauty products

Have you ever purchased or been given a product that was disappointing, didn’t live up to the advertising hype, or was just not suitable for your skin-type but you don’t want to throw it out and waste it?

Here are some ways you can repurpose those items:

Bath Salts:

  • Most Bath Salts are usually made from Epsom Salt (aka Magnesium Sulphate but check the ingredients list first).  A Tablespoon of Bath Salts can be dissolved into 10 Litres of water to add to your plants that have yellowing leaves.

Makeup Remover Facial Wipes:

  • Great for collecting dust!  Use them to clean your phone, keyboard and around your desk.  Most brands will leave you with a lovely scent.

Shampoo & Conditioner:

  • Pour these into your Liquid Handwash (Liquid Soap) dispenser
  • Use for handwashing your delicates like lace, stockings and lingerie if these products are not too harsh
  • Use instead of Bodywash
  • Use instead of soap when you shave your legs
  • Use to clean your makeup brushes to keep them hygienic
  • Use to clean your bath and handbasin
  • Use as Bubblebath if they don’t dry out your hair/skin

Face Creams / Moisturisers:

  • Use elsewhere on your body – neck, arms, legs, etc., as long as your skin has not previously reacted badly to the cream. It may be suitable to use as a hair mask

Facial Cleansers:

  • These products are designed for cleaning so why not cleanse your hands or body with them?  The same goes for Exfoliating products: why not exfoliate your shoulders, backs of hands and your feet?


  • If the foundation is too light to use all over your face, perhaps you could use it as a concealer
  • If you are unlucky enough to have some too dark and too light, blend them together to get the perfect shade for you

Liquid Handwash (Liquid Soap):

  • For handwashing your delicates like lace, stockings and lingerie if the product isn’t harsh on your skin
  • Otherwise, take to work (anonymously!) and leave it for everyone else to use. Never underestimate the attractive power of a freebie!


  • Apparently it is common practice for Makeup Artists to mix up to 3 lipsticks on their clients to get just the right shade. Why not do this yourself when you get a coloured lipstick which is either not the right shade for your skin-tone or you are just sick of using that colour?

Lip Balm:

  • Moisturise your nail cuticles rather than your lips

Shaving Balm:

  • I repurposed my hubby’s shaving balm for my legs after shaving.  Not only is it a great moisturiser, my legs have a nice sheen after applying and it smells good too
  • I have read that some people use this as a Makeup Primer but I have not personally tried this

Swap Party:

  • If you don’t like any of these ideas, perhaps have a Swap Party so that you can exchange your ‘goodies’ with friends, family and/or co-workers?


  • If you have received a product that you know you are not going to use, why not save yourself some money and regift it to someone else?  This could be to someone you know or even a local Charity.

Do you have other ways of repurposing unwanted/surplus Beauty products?

Here is a tip from a Reader:  “Once I had a few natural-based perfumes that evaporated quickly with my skin chemistry. I ended up spraying them in the bathroom in lieu of a room spray.  They worked quite well but the scent dissipated quickly”.


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