What I found out about my Neighbours

keeping a secret

Since my hubby has been laid up, it has been my responsibility to empty our Garbage/Waste Bin, Recycle Bin and the Compost Bin.

In our local area, the Council is responsible collecting our Garbage/Waste and Recycle Bins. They provides two 240 Litre wheelie bins like below:

wheelie binyellow lid wheelie bin


The green one is collected each week and the yellow-lidded one gets collected every fortnight



The one thing I have noticed is we hardly throw anything into the Garbage/Waste Bin whereas our neighbours have bins that are almost overflowing each week.   Most cannot put the hinged-lid down on their bins.

I wrongly presumed that my neighbours were like our household and limit their waste as our region attracts hippies, alternative lifestylers and green changers so I am guessing none of my neighbours fit into these demographics.

A few days ago, I was reminded about a statistic that said studies show the average First World household wastes around 20% of all fresh food purchased. That’s like purchasing 5 bags of shopping and throwing 1 bag into the garbage/waste bin each week!

Our household must be far from ‘Average‘ as we hardly throw out anything.   If a meal doesn’t work out it is repurposed into another dish. Leftovers are eaten the next day, the day after or frozen for a quick meal in the near future [ well that is the plan anyway ].  All of our food scraps go to the compost bin for our garden. I do not consider this waste as the worms repurpose it for me.

brushed potatoes


Even the water that washes the brushed potatoes gets reused on the garden as it contains local soil.   Waste not, want not! is what my grandmother used to say


A little thought and small steps all add up to saving you money.  Food scraps becomes enriched soil once the worms, bugs and microbes do their thing. This saves me going to the garden centre or local hardware to purchase garden mulch.

Are you Average or do you need to review your Zero Waste plan?  What  are you  doing as part of your recycling responsibility?


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11 comments on “What I found out about my Neighbours
  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    I need to buy a bin because our locality does not include them with our service. Instead, we get tiny milk crates for our recycling which are open air and under capacity. Everything out in blows out and down the road. I can buy my own, and plan to when I get paid again.

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  2. Glenda Smith says:

    We too used to live in an area where the Council supplied small black open crates. They were utilised by most of our neighbours but were way too small. Once you had placed the week’s papers and junkmail into them, there wasn’t much room for anything else except a glass bottle or too to weigh the paper down.
    If we are to recycle more, the Council has to play its part to encourage such behaviour.


  3. jncthedc says:

    My neighborhood has a recycle bin, garbage bin and yard waste bin. My wife and I prepare 95% of our meals in the house and don’t throw any food away. We are environmentally conscious and try to do our part to a large extent. It seem where I live, more people are becoming more conscious when it comes to recycling. Garbage continues to be a problem.

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  4. We are definitely a recycling household and I hate wasting food. I scrounge the fridge and anything that looks like it may have one foot out the door goes into a stir fry, or homemade veggie soup. I love eating left overs, so I have no problem eating the same thing until it’s gone. Great job minimizing your waste, it’s important that we all do our part.

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  5. Richard Farr says:

    Why does each household need its own bin for each category of waste, though? I once shared a parking area with six other households, and when Nottingham City Council belatedly ‘went green’ they delivered seven new bins for composting, and seven more for waste paper/cans/bottles. Most people only ever put grass cuttings and a few vegetable peelings in the compost bin, so a couple of bins would have been plenty – and quicker to empty. So why did a council choose to splurge their budget on filling our car park with bins? The stupid, it hurts…


    • Glenda Smith says:

      I agree Richard. I have previously temped for a Council and I saw so much wasted money. I have lived in several Council regions where the occupants become possessive of “their” garbage bin and won’t let their neighbours add their excess waste to it. Thank you for confirming that Councils worldwide splurge/waste our money.


  6. atkokosplace says:

    I came from and area where they did recycle and have a green waste. Where I am now, everything goes into one can. Ours hardly get filled up as all paper and food peelings/scraps go into the compost pile for my garden. I don’t purchase many things that come in a container as we cook most everything. I try hard not to waste. It’s good you do your part. Now if everyone did theirs…. 🙂


    • Glenda Smith says:

      Thanks for dropping by Koko. Tell me which method of composting you prefer: https://growingsnowballs.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/how-to-repurpose-your-food-scraps-and-green-waste-compost-mulch-garden/ or do you do something completely different?

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      • atkokosplace says:

        I have a couple of large metal cans (I’ve drilled holes all over) and I fill those with kitchen scraps. I also have an area where I put all yard waste in like vegetable plants that have out lived it’s purpose and grass and leaves. I think the composting is doing well because if I dig out a handful I usually get lots and lots of worms! I’d like to make worm beds but trying to figure out the best way as it’s wet here a lot and I wouldn’t want them to drown. So of course good drainage. I have terrible soil/clay actually. So for years I’ve piled the yard waste in hopes for a better garden every year. I have raised beds with good soul that I’ve bought. It’s insane with all the land I have I have to buy soil. I’m hoping to spend some time reading your blog today. Be well and have a wonderful day! Koko:)

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