How you can save BIG with simple actions

Piggy Bank

Do you know what a Fatberg is?  Learn what it is and how to prevent it, while saving yourself some money

Regular maintenance and preventative measures will save you money long-term.

Here are a few easy things you can do yourself around your home:

Kitchen Sink: 

  • Use a kitchen sink strainer to stop food scraps going down the drain.  Pour fat, grease and oil into a sealable container,  e.g. a used butter container, and dispose of it to your garbage / trash bin.

Washing Machine:

  • Extend the life of your washing machine by wiping it out after each use.  Wipe with a soft cloth to remove remaining water after every washing day, to dry the drum and lid to prevent rusting and mould;
  • If you have a front loader washing machine, wipe right around the door and its rubber seal to not only prevent mould from growing, but to also to prevent the rubber from perishing.  That rubber seal is very expensive, and occasionally very difficult to source.  Mould is quick to grow in moist environments and is known to cause allergies and asthma, so you might even save yourself some medical bills!
  • Clean out the filter so that it does not become clogged.  You do not want excess lint and muck flowing back into to your clean wash, not to mention causing waste-water leaks.


  • Calling in a Plumber is expensive, and usually inconvenient.  Only flush that which is manufactured inside your body and which is designed to come out + toilet paper.   All other items, including wipes, can get stuck in your plumbing.


  • A dripping tap  [ faucet ]  wastes more water than you think.  Save money by fixing it immediately.  Do-it-yourself costs only the value of the part/s,  [ which may be only a few cents ]  not a Plumber’s callout fee + their hourly rate.  It is extremely easy.   There are plenty of YouTube clips if you need guidance.

Bathroom sink:

  • To prevent your drains and sinks from blocking, measure out a heaped Tablespoon of Sodium Bi-carbonate  [Baking Soda]  and add to each drain and sink in your Kitchen and Bathroom.   Then pour a cup of white vinegar and watch it react and bubble up.  Now pour a cup of hot water down each sink and drain.  Allow to sit for upto an hour before turning on the tap to allow the water to clear your drains.  Do this every month or so depending on the number of household members you have.

What regular preventative maintenance do you carry out at home?




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5 comments on “How you can save BIG with simple actions
  1. I do a lot of home made remedies for stains etc, so I don’t have to waste money on expensive products. Such as for gum in the carpet, I put ice on it until it hardens and scrape off, and I know buying razors can add up, but you can sharpen the blade by running it across a pair of jeans a few times


  2. Anne Lene says:

    I like your tips, i do something similar. I clean all filters in washer/dryer/dishwasher/vents/airsystem on regular basis. I do all sinks/tub drains on regular basis. Clean and oil hinges, paint and oil outdoor stuff when needed. You might say I’m pretty good at regular maintenance.. wich pretty much keeps tge repair”men” away (as I also do any repairs if needed in the house) 😉

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  3. […] My own Club has recently launched an Emergency Home Assist service, in return for a modest annual surcharge on my Membership, providing help with things like unblocking drains, fixing taps, checking for wiring faults, repairing Hot water services and even locksmith assistance for Members locked out of home or cars.  If this is happening regularly, check out last week’s post How you can save BIG with simple actions […]


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