Are you getting all your entitlements from your Service Providers & Memberships?

Dont Just Stand There

Have you checked out what Freebies and Discounts are being offered by all your Suppliers?

Do you read the paperwork they post out to you or regularly visit their websites?

You may be missing out on saving money.  Many Companies, Clubs and Service Providers have partnerships to provide you discounts – a little bit like a referral service.

Here are just a few I have found that you may be missing out on:

Roadside Assistance Service Membership / Automobile Club:

  • Some memberships offer discounts on anything from Gym Memberships, Movie Tickets, Electricity, Vehicle rental, Shopping discounts to Cruises, Air Travel and Accommodation;
  • Also available are road trip planners, tourist information and road conditions reports;
  • My own Club has recently launched an Emergency Home Assist service, in return for a modest annual surcharge on my Membership, providing help with things like unblocking drains, fixing taps, checking for wiring faults, repairing Hot water services and even locksmith assistance for Members locked out of home or cars.  If this is happening regularly, check out last week’s post How you can save BIG with simple actions


  • From time to time, PayPal run competitions; provide discounts and sometime free delivery when they introduce a new vendor to their service;
  • Similar offers are available during celebratory periods when you use PayPal for your purchases.

Credit Cards:

  • MasterCard offers a broad range of local and global experiences in their Privileges section including discounts on Travel, Car Hire, Movie, Music and Theatre Tickets;
  • Some credit cards offer Travel Insurance at no extra cost.

Health Fund Membership:

Many private health funds now offer health support programs to assist in preventing you becoming sick.   For example:

  • Discounts on Gym Membership
  • Free running shoes
  • Free hearing and eye tests
  • Discounted Pet insurance  [well, maybe it helps you save money keeping your pet well, when you take Fido with you on your morning jog! ].

Insurance Companies:    

  • Some Car insurance companies include driver training to build your driving skills and confidence and to help prevent common types of car crashes;
  • Discounts on non-crash repairs and replacements through their partnership companies.

Utility Companies:

  • My energy company runs competitions every quarter to win things like money off your bill and household electronics.

Loyalty Cards:

  • I have Loyalty Cards for three national Supermarket chains and each one offers different rewards. One allows me to collect points towards kitchen and dining items. Another offers discounts on Domestic and International flights as well as cashback in the form of gift cards. The other one is good for obtaining free or cashback samples when new products are launched in that supermarket.
  • The gift cards offered by two of my regular supermarkets are not only handy last-minute gifts to include within Birthday cards; they are also good for reducing my own costs at the checkout, especially when I’m only going in for a ‘top-up’ visit, or when I want to make in-transit small purchases when I’m on road-trips.
  • Even Pharmacies have loyalty cards.  One of mine offers discounted movie tickets.
  • Check what your Airline Loyal Card offers you.  I bet it will be more than just discount airline tickets – mine offers discounted wine delivered to your door.

What discounts do you receive?  Please share your tips below so we can all benefit




Photo provided by: By Jeff Sheldon


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