How to get Fit on the Cheap


Staying active is crucial to good health but it can also make you poor as the costs of memberships and classes can really add up.  To help save some cash, try these cheaper options for getting an inexpensive but effective workout:

Try before you buy:  

Loads of gyms, Pilates and yoga studios offer free or reduced-rate trial periods, to road-test their facilities and classes.

If you are located in a large city, you can probably take advantage of all of them.  You may find you can try a different one each week for a year !

Fitness websites, YouTube and Instagram:

You can access videos and tutorials on just about every fitness topic imaginable, including free workout videos that you can watch and follow in the comfort of your own home.

Download an App:

There are also plenty of apps around that will serve up workouts to your phone. Choose anything from yoga to a kettlebell workout.

Share a Trainer:

Having a personal trainer is a great way to achieve your fitness goals but their cost adds up, especially if you’re having multiple sessions each week. To save some cash, why not share a Trainer with some friends or workmates?  A group training session can be a fun way to work out, the group will be small enough so you still feel like you’re getting personalised attention and it is much cheaper to split the cost between a few people.

Outdoor gym:

Outdoor gyms are now starting to pop up in local parks and along beachfronts for you to use to train for free while you spend time with Mother Nature.  Most of this equipment requires you to exercise using your own bodyweight, which is one of the most effective ways to train.

Join a free group fitness class:

Go to the website and type in the name of your city.  Check out their listings for any free fitness classes in your city.  There is everything from bootcamp sessions to running groups and boxing classes.

Walk or run:

Walking and running are great cardio workouts and best of all, it does not cost anything to take part. Enjoy Mother Nature; explore your neighbourhood or map out a route on Google Maps. You can keep track of how many calories/kilojoules you are burning and the number of steps you are taking, by downloading a Free fitness App onto your phone.

Borrow a DVD from the Library:

Visit your local library and check out if they have any exercise DVDs that you can borrow for free

Set up your own home gym:

Hand weights:  Purchase adjustable hand weights to start. You can purchase heavier weights over time as you become fitter.  Alternatively make your own:

Yoga Mat:  Cheap, and a great way to use your own body weight to do floor-based exercises from downward dogs to sit ups

Swiss Ball:  A great investment where you can exercise all of the major muscle groups from stomach crunches to push ups

Skipping Rope:  Jumping rope is a great cardio workout.  It’s cheap and portable.  Can be done indoors or out

Resistance bands:  A cheap and portable way you can exercise your entire body.  You can even travel with them

Step ups:  Use your household stairs for step ups or push ups

Bench press:  Repurpose a low bench you already own


How do you save money whilst getting fit?


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8 comments on “How to get Fit on the Cheap
  1. MmrliRuddy says:

    On periscope, the new live broadcast app, some fitness professionals will broadcast live classes that replay for 24 hrs for you to follow along with. I have also found some great short workouts on instagram by Janelle summers and Charlene johnson

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jncthedc says:

    There are lots of great ideas here. I have always said my favorite is the one any person will commit themselves to for the rest of their life. It is so so important. Stay healthy and happy

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Josh Wrenn says:

    I can’t do gyms because of my immune issues, so I have dumbbells at home, I take walks and occasional jogs, hike, and do some really beginner type yoga. It seems to be working though.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. bluebell1991 says:

    Great Post. I’m lucky because I am in college. Joining the college gym is only €60 a year. I think extra classes are free. The only thing is the staff are still earning their qualification, so they are not fully qualified. I trust they know enough though. I tried Fitness Blender on YouTube but didn’t have enough self discipline or space to keep it up. I prefer something more structured personally. I find the MapMyRide App very good for fitness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glenda Smith says:

      That is Great bluebell1991 that you get college students earning their qualification whilst training real people. It is a win/win. Thank you for sharing your preferred fitness App.


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