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How to Repurpose disappointing Beauty products

Have you ever purchased or been given a product that was disappointing, didn’t live up to the advertising hype, or was just not suitable for your skin-type but you don’t want to throw it out and waste it? Here are

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Are you being conned into Spending More because of your Gender?

It does not matter if you are Male or Female – you are likely to be spending more money at the checkout on certain items because of your Gender. It is a Marketing ‘Secret’ that you can package up the

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How you can save BIG with simple actions

Do you know what a Fatberg is?  Learn what it is and how to prevent it, while saving yourself some money Regular maintenance and preventative measures will save you money long-term. Here are a few easy things you can do

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Don’t toss your Citrus Peel – it will Save you Money

I have recently returned from a 7200km  [ about 4500 miles ]  road trip;  more to come on that subject in upcoming posts … It is great to be able to interact with people of different generations  [ older and

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3 New Ways to Save you Time & Money in the Bathroom

  My mother recently lent me a book, which she received when she first got married. It is a How-to Guide for doing things around the house.  It was published back in the days when being a Housewife  [ with

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From Rags to Richness

My favourite Sheridan percale cotton, fitted sheet has finally worn thin.  After nearly 12 years of faithful, consistent use it is no longer fit for its purpose. Now you know I don’t like to waste things.  Time to repurpose. I

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Take the Shampoo free challenge yourself

I have joined the  ” No Poo Movement”  and it has nothing to do with my bowels ! ‘What is it then?’  I hear you ask. It is when you give up using commercial shampoo to wash your hair. No

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How to Repurpose Plastic Bottles into Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes made from Repurposed Plastic Bottles

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