How to take the LBD approach to making Stylish Décor Savings

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Decorating your home can cost a motza if you slavishly follow and purchase all the latest trends. However there are some things you can do, without busting your budget, to update the look of your home.

A home should, first and foremost, tell a story about its occupants. Place the possessions that you love the most on show, not only so that you can feel proud when you see them everyday, but to announce “This is who we are” to those who visit you.

Small changes,  Big impact:

The simplest and most cost-effective way towards a ‘new look’ is to simply rearrange what you already own.

Changing your room’s layout allows you to look at your spaces differently and get a new perspective. Try repositioning your bed or sofa at an angle or against a different wall.


Change your knick-knacks and décor items with the seasons.

  • Soft furnishings: Have a soft blanket or throw on the sofa to snuggle up with in winter and then put it away in Springtime
  • Cushions: Purchase cushion covers, not whole cushions, which cost the most, especially if filled with duck down. Mix and match them for a new theme or colour scheme
  • Decals: There are removable decals available in all sorts of themes and varieties including magnetic and chalkboard coatings
  • Photos and Pictures: Rotate your collection from room to room to keep your home looking fresh. If you use the same or similar frames for all your pictures [the simpler the better], it provides consistency and brings ‘the look’ all together, especially should you decide to group them
  • Mats & Rugs: There are some beautiful designs around now that will not only suit the floor, but are also good enough and light enough, to hang on the wall
  • Indoor Plants: Having a living plant always creates a sense of homeliness; just remember to water it, or pot up a succulent if you are time-poor. Potted herbs in the kitchen can be useful; easily watered and they add scent to the room
  • Change the Lighting: Lighting has a huge impact on a room’s look and feel. Use a mixture of overhead lights and lamps to create mood and drama; even better if you have your lights and lamps fitted with dimmer switches. Use flameless candles and fairylights for a romantic vibe. Have a collection of lampshades, which you can rotate from room to room to give your areas a new look
  • Scents: Add scented candles, incense, heavily scented flowers, oil burners, homemade room sprays using essential oils or polish your wood furniture with scented oils and waxes like eucalyptus, orange oil and sandalwood
  • Mirrors: These can be used to reflect light into a room or an outside view, inside. A large mirror that you can either lean against a wall, or hang, can be moved from room to room
  • Bring Nature indoors: Complete ‘your look’ with some natural items; be it flowers [fresh or silk], foliage, branches, a bowl of pinecones, seedpods or fallen leaves
  • Swap: If your budget is really tight, have a swap party with like-minded friends and create a new look with other people’s furnishings

Upcycle items you already own:

  • Cushions: appliqué, embellish or make your own covers with scarves
  • Slip Covers: Make slip covers for your chairs from clothing that you love but does not fit anymore. Don’t limit yourself to one set when you can mix and match for each season
  • Paint: If you are not allowed to paint your walls, you can always paint your furniture and décor items a new colour

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If some or all of these ideas remind you of “The Little Black Dress” strategy. That is, they look timelessly attractive without obviously [and slavishly] following fashions which are out-dated before you know it.





How do you save money when decorating?




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4 comments on “How to take the LBD approach to making Stylish Décor Savings
  1. Love these tips! Great advice 🙂


  2. jncthedc says:

    Since the right hemisphere of my brain remains underdeveloped, I rely on the skills of others to assist with my stylish decor. It seems that most men consider a stylish decor: (1) a refrigerator filled with proper foods necessary to watch Monday Night Football, (2) a bed to sleep in, (3) a roof that doesn’t leak, (4) additional food for the refrigerator in case “the guys” stop by for Monday Night Football.
    Seriously, your ideas make it much more realistic to create an appealing environment without investing the entire retirement plan in the process. Great job. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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