How to Save Money when flying


If you are lucky enough to procure a cheap flight on a budget airline or you are able to cash in some Loyalty Points, you will soon find out that checking in your Luggage seems to have become an optional extra; meaning it now costs you money.

So, how to fly without being slugged extra for luggage?

  • Check the airline’s website for the exact dimensions of the hand luggage they will let you carry-on-board with you, then make sure you don’t go over the size and weight allowable
  • Look for clothes that can be worn more than once, like jeans or clothes that can be easily rinsed and drip-dried overnight
  • Look for clothes that can be dressed up or dressed down for each occasion.  Black or solid-coloured clothes  [ i.e. not patterned as patterns are memorable ]  work best, then accessorise – scarves; ties; jewellery etc., to suit the occasion
  • Wear as much as you can on-board to save you packing it.   You can wear more than usual as all airliners are super chilled to inhibit germs breeding
  • Stick to packing one pair of shoes plus the ones you wear on-board
  • When you pack your bag, roll up every single piece of clothing as this takes up way less room than laying everything flat.  This also prevents clothes from becoming crushed
  • If you are packing socks, stuff them into your shoes or into the corners of the luggage
  • If you have read my post How to Generate Extra Income plus More Money Saving ideas you will have accumulated a range of samples of toiletries and cosmetics.  This is where they come into play.  You will have enough to cover your holiday, and which you won’t have to transport back with you.

So what happens if you have an unexpected engagement and your clothes are not suitable? Perhaps the weather is hotter or cooler than you expected on arrival.

  • Simply head down to the local Charity shop and pick up something suitable.  You can always donate the goods back. Think of it as cheap clothing rental for duration of your stay.

Here are two things you should think about packing to help save you more money:

  1. Water Bottle: If you are travelling domestically or somewhere where you can drink the water, save money by refilling your own water bottle. A collapsible bottle will probably work best for you. Just Google “collapsible drink bottle” to see various styles to suit your circumstances:

collapsible bottles 6collapsible bottles 4


  1. A Snack:Some airlines are so budget that you have to purchase your own food for the flight.  If you are flying domestically, think about taking a home-prepared snack, or buy something at the supermarket en route to the airport, which will be way cheaper. 

What do you do to save money travelling?

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2 comments on “How to Save Money when flying
  1. Howto$tuffYourPig says:

    These are some great tips on saving money when flying! The fees they charge when flying can really add up! 🙂


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