How your Boss can help you Save Money

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Do you work in an office?  Do you work long hours but don’t get paid overtime?  Look around your office for ways you can personally save small amounts each week, which will add up over a year – refer  The Name  tab from my Growing Snowballs introduction.

  • Phone recharge:

Subject to your employer’s policies re mobile phones in the workplace, recharge your mobile phone each day using a USB cable on your office computer or at a power point near your desk

  • Scrap Paper: 

After checking your employer’s policies re office wastepaper disposal, take home paper that has been discarded because someone has printed more than they want. Cut it in halves or quarters to make note pads.  Children can use the blank sides of the photocopying paper to draw on

  • Water Bottle:

Take your water bottles to work and fill them at the office water cooler

  • Tea and Coffee: 

If you don’t have far to travel to work, why not have your first caffeine hit of the day at work.  Especially handy if your employer provides a pod coffee system or cappuccino maker.

Take a travel mug from home to fill with tea or coffee for your trip home

  • Sugar and Salt & Pepper sachets:

Both of these are handy for your picnic set.

If you have only one person at home who wants sugar this will save you putting a sugar bowl on the table.

Do you want to cut down on your own sugar intake?  Using sachets will remind you how much you use and help you measure out your daily added-sugar intake

  • Microwave:

If you know you are going to be working late, take a chilled / frozen dinner with you and reheat it in the office microwave to eat before you go home, or before you go out after work

  • Printing:

We are supposed to be living in a ‘paperless’ world  [ my husband first encountered this term in 1979!  Yeah…right! that didn’t happen ]  however there are occasions when we need to print a page or two.  Don’t buy a printer for home; the more you see it, the more you will print.  Printing material away from home will force you to think more carefully about what you really need to print.  Not only will this save you the cost of a printer and its repairs; but also ink/toner and paper.  Also, inks will dry out even when unopened.  Subject, of course, to your employer’s email and printing policies, email your document to work and print it when you get there.

  • Driving:

Why drive to work when you can carpool with a fellow worker who has a Company car? Not only can you catch up on the happenings in the office but you can gain some time by paying any bills on-the-go; catch up on reading a book or the news or do an online self-improvement course if you run out of conversation.

  • Hair Dryer:

Check to see if you have a power point in the office bathroom.  Why not save time and money by drying your hair when you arrive early to the office?


You will be surprised how much time and money you will save.

You may only save $2 / €2 / £2 per week but if you multiply that out over a year, that still adds up to a sum which will be handy in your pocket, come your next holiday.

The caveat here is to be sensible with what you do and not forget that stealing is a crime.

How do you save money at the office?  Share you ideas below so we can all benefit?




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4 comments on “How your Boss can help you Save Money
  1. Because... I'm cheap says:

    These are actually some great tips! All things I’ve done without even thinking about it! Now to be more purposeful about it and see what other ways I can save money 😉


  2. Interesting idea’s. Why not take advantage of these opportunities…


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