How to secure Affordable usable gifts for all your friends and family

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We all know someone who either has everything they need, or has no space to put more “stuff”

Put your Membership or Loyalty Points to good use and claim an Experience or Consumable for that Special Someone.

Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration:

  • Cook something:

Nothing says ‘I Care’ more than taking the time to cook something special for someone.  You can bake a cake, make a no-bake slice, invite them over for High Tea or, maybe, a dinner party?

  • DVD Rentals; Movies & TV shows on-demand Subscription:

DVD Gift Cards are available from companies like Blockbuster which you can use online, in-store or in a kiosk.

Netflix and Quickflix offer a Free Trial period for their DVD rentals and on-demand subscriptions.  If your gift recipient is happy with the content, you can extend the subscription according to your budget.  Just remember to cancel the subscription after this time otherwise you will be continually charged.  For more details about automatic renewal policies refer recent post 9 Hidden Expenses you can Cut from Your Life

  • Yearly Membership:

Does your special someone enjoy going to the Zoo, Fun Park, Art Gallery or Museum?  Why not get them a yearly pass so they can go any day of the year for free?

  • Movie Tickets:

Purchase a years’ worth of Movie Tickets so every time the person goes to the movies, they will think of you.

  • Restaurant Gift Certificate:

Look for local sites which offer discounted gift certificates which are useable locally or nationally like Groupon

  • Purchase Livestock for a Village:

If the gift recipient has everything they need in life, purchase livestock for a Third World country in their name.   There are plenty of charitable organisations that organise the purchase of chickens, pigs, goats, buffalo, etc., for villagers to use as food;  clothes and/or ploughing power.

  • Sponsorship:

If the gift recipient is an animal lover, sponsor an animal at the local zoo or wildlife sanctuary for 12 months or more in their name.  In some cases, the gift recipient may be able to visit the sponsored animal for free on a regular basis.

  • Magazine Subscription:

Choose a title that will be of interest to the gift recipient in either an electronic or hardcopy form.  Should you select the hardcopy, your recipient can either pass along old copies to their friends; donate them to the local library or repurpose them.  Here are some links to previous posts for some ideas Decoupage or Craft

  • Family or Glamour Portrait:

Technically this isn’t a consumable and the photographs will take up space [ but not much! ] once framed.   What a great daily reminder of the occasion!

Read my recent post  Are you getting the most from your Service Providers & Memberships?  to claim discounts on your gifts.  You may even be able to claim them for free!

What alternative ideas have you had while giving?  Share your ideas below, so we can all save time and money!




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    These are some great tips! 🙂

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