How to Generate Extra Income plus More Money Saving ideas


So, you are looking for opportunities to trim your budget but can’t seem to find where.  Maybe you should look at it from a different viewpoint and earn some  ‘Incidental Income’ ?

If you have read the tab on my blog ‘ The Name ’ you will understand that to reach a long-term Goal, it is best to cut this larger goal into a sequence of smaller, achievable, steps.  Each step becomes part of something much bigger.

Here are a few tips on how you can find small ways to add extra income to your budget, including a few ideas to get your mind juices working:

  1. Loyalty Cards:

Are you taking advantage of where you choose to shop? If you regularly shop somewhere offering Loyalty Cards that reward you with something that will be advantageous to you, sign up for one. Do you homework first though, as some loyalty programs can take years before giving something back in return for your loyalty. There are some programs who just want your details to onsell to other companies so that they can earn money for themselves. Also, beware of programs where your points have an expiration date.

Most importantly redeem them regularly, so you don’t forget about them

Recently I reviewed my mother’s loyalty points for her regular supermarket. Because she shops there weekly, her points add up quickly. I was able to cash in her points for a $50 Gift Card for her to spend in local discount store;

  • Last week, my husband cashed in our loyalty points from a supermarket loyalty scheme for a dozen bottles of red wine, delivered free to our door;
  1. Like your Favourite Brands on Facebook:

Be first to find out about latest competitions and promotions. Enter their competitions to win prizes which you can either use yourself or onsell. Some even offer free samples you can apply for.

  • This week we were able to get a Free pack of fancy tea bags that we probably would not normally buy, which are new on the market. All we had to do was accept the offer and collect the box from the supermarket. We then took the opportunity to a win a larger prize by writing a brief review about the product’s taste
  1. Free Samples:

Apart from receiving notifications of free samples available through Facebook, there are also Free Sample Websites. Just Google “Free Samples” and you will see plenty of options. As usual, do your homework to check they are legitimate sites, and not just adding your name to a mailing list.

  1. Declutter the House:

Sell off unused items on or a local buy and sell site. You can even find them on Facebook like BuySellSwap. You may not like something, but I bet someone else will. Someone’s trash may well be another person’s treasure.

  • I have heard about some people purchasing items online and then resell them at a higher price.
  • After unpacking ten removalist/storage boxes, I sold them through a local Facebook site and collected $20 cash
  1. Sign up for some Market Research:

Get paid to attend Focus Groups and/or complete Online Surveys for your opinion on products you already buy. Sometimes they will send you a sample first – win/win. Once again, do a Google search to check their reputation before signing up.

  • I recently cashed in $115 worth of gift vouchers, earned from completing on-line surveys, to purchase my groceries. Checkout Chuck wasn’t too happy about the extra labour to redeem them, but what the heck?!
  • I recently joined an online Market Research group that sends me samples of cosmetics and food to provide feedback before the product is released
  • I attended a focus group a few years ago which was about real estate.  Received a $50 gift voucher for 25 minutes of my time and they even provided afternoon tea.  Cha Ching!
  1. Do you live in an area where parking is at a premium?

Why not rent out your parking space or garage when you are not using it?  This can be especially lucrative if it is located near a public transport node.

  1. Are you Handy or Crafty?

Can you crochet, knit, or have good carpentry skills or produce anything original? Sell the fruits of your labour on

People pay good money for original items, especially items suitable for babies, toddlers and pets

  1. Do you have a skill that you can teach?

Cooking, Gardening or Weight Loss success?  Perhaps you may be a whizz at Mathematics or speak a second language – why not tutor?

  1. Coupons and Shop-a-Dockets:

Where I live we don’t have many great deal offers, however if you do, here is how you can get started: How to Coupon Effectively – A Beginner’s Guide to Couponing

There are also Coupon syndicates where the holding company buys a group of discounted coupons that you can purchase. e.g., a two-for-one offer on a product or meal.


You may also want to read previous post Make Your Income Work for You


Until next week, Happy Saving!  Sharing is Caring so feel free to share these tips on your favourite social media site.



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12 comments on “How to Generate Extra Income plus More Money Saving ideas
  1. JennC says:

    Great list! I’ve done a couple of these but am thinking I should give it a go again. Could never hurt to have a little rainy day fund 😉


  2. Love this list. Thank you! I’m reblogging it.

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  3. Reblogged this on Adventures of a Fiscally Fit Chica and commented:
    This is a very useful list.

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  4. I love the declutter the house idea. Most of us sit on top of a pile of stuff we don’t need or use. Thanks!

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