How to Save Time & Money on your Washing & Ironing

automate your life - washing & ironing

How I gave up Ironing !

Before I purchase any clothing, I do what I call the ‘Crush Test’. I grab a corner of the piece of clothing and crush it in my hands, then I give the outfit a shake.  If the wrinkles shake out, I purchase it as I know it won’t need ironing.

If you already own clothes that do get crushed in the washing machine, try using a gentler cycle on your washing machine which has a slower spin speed.  Your clothes will come out of the machine wetter.  Now hang them directly onto coat hangers, shake once, and let them air-dry.  This can be inside the house or out.  Any breeze through your clothes will help to blow out any remaining wrinkles.

Once dry, hang your clothes straight into your wardrobe.  By the time you get around to wearing them they will look like they have been ironed.

If you have a shirt collar that has to be ironed to look any good, try using a hair straightening iron as posted by

Ironing a Collar

Just making this one change in Automating Your Life should save you at least 2 hours of your time per week, per person in your household.  My husband still sings my praises after 20+ years;  before he met me he used to iron his business shirts and trousers for 5 or more hours per week, every week.  That’s quite a bit more ‘us’ time.

Save time and start dividing

Part of Time Management is ‘never handle the same item twice’ so if you are like me and like to separate your Whites from your Darks and Colours when you do your washing, automate this process by having each house member separate their clothes into different coloured baskets or baskets clearly labeled Whites, Darks, Colours.

washing baskets

Come washing day/night, pour all the items from each of these baskets as separate loads into the washing machine.  If you stick to the rule of not buying items that don’t require ironing or dry cleaning, everything from the one basket can happily go in together without the delay of further sorting.

If you have small children, make it into a game, so they become willing participants. You might even consider putting a basketball hoop over the top of each basket.

Or if you have a well-organised observant family, why not dedicate a particular day of the week to a chosen colour and everyone can load that coloured item straight into the washing machine.

For more information on how to get your children to help out visit

basketball laundry baskets

If you want to save money on your current Laundry Powder and Fabric Softener, read a previous post of mine:   Could you be wasting your Money?


Never go to the Dry Cleaners again !

I always check labels before purchasing clothes. If it states  “DRY CLEAN ONLY”  it doesn’t come home with me.

If you wear a uniform that states this, try using a handheld Steamer or cheaper still, hanging your clothes in a steamy bathroom whilst you shower.  Both methods will dissolve the wrinkles in your clothes as well as refresh them.

Or if you are willing to take a chance like fellow blogger Jen from My Make Do And Mend Year, place your item of clothing inside a pillowcase before cleaning it yourself in the washing machine.  It’s a worthwhile exercise if you are in the habit of picking up Thrift Shop bargains which need a little TLC. As you gain more experience, you may even treat higher-value items this way.  Read about it here:


Tune in next week for Automating your Savings



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2 comments on “How to Save Time & Money on your Washing & Ironing
  1. Yes I need to stop purchasing dry clean only clothing. I end up wearing it once because I dont want to pay to get it dry cleaned.


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