How to Save Time & Money in Your Wardrobe

Automate Wardrobe

…. and it has nothing to do with synching your iPhone with your iPad or any other kind of technology.

I was reading an article recently about Time Management. It spoke about how we all should automate everyday decisions so that we can make room for more important decisions in life.

Apparently most people can only make a certain number of decisions per day. According to Professor Sheena Iyengar, most of us already make on average 70 decisions a day.

This got me thinking what day-to-day life decisions we can automate to save time and money.

This week’s post starts in your Wardrobe:         What do I wear today?

Most women  [ and some men ]  have this predicament every single morning if they don’t wear a uniform or suit to work. To overcome this decision-making process, here is a flexible system for you to personalise your look.  I have used this method throughout my career and, trust me, no one will notice your system.

It is not a matter of looking the same day-in-day-out.  It is a system whereby you can wear a base colour each day and then add accessories to personalise your look – be it a jacket, tie, scarf, jewellery, hat, coloured stockings/tights or socks.



Step One:

Sort your wardrobe and file by colour.

To save time working out your Navy Blue from your Black, store them at each end of your hanging rod as this will make it easier to select an item of clothing in dim light or if you are having a “bad hair day”.  Now you will be able to select your piece of clothing almost without looking.

Personal Experience Tip:   Colour separate your shoes, especially if you have a favourite style of shoe in two or more colours; I’ve arrived at work early for a business meeting to find navy blue left shoe with a black right shoe …  luckily, nobody but me noticed!

To automate your mornings, select your entire outfit the night before or on Sunday night for the entire week.

To keep these outfits together and save room in your wardrobe read post How this Ringpull will Save you Money


Step Two:

Look at your personalised chart  [ like above example ];  select your Base Colour as your foundation to build upon and Accessorise with a complimentary or contrasting colour.  If you are not confident with colours, hang a Colour Wheel inside your wardrobe.

Look at your Base Colour on the Colour Wheel and select the colour on either side of this colour.

Alternatively, select the colour directly opposite your Base Colour this is your contrasting colour.

If you are unsure, Black and White will always go with any colour you wear.

Colour Wheel

Colour Wheel Source:


Alternate to the Colour Wheel is to store Paint Chips in your wardrobe that match your clothes. Then simply mix and match the colours until you find a combination you like.

On Fridays I choose to wear classic Black which will take you from a formal meeting during the day and with the addition of some simple accessories and bling at the end of the day, you are ready for dinner and drinks.

Not sure what colours suit your complexion? To find out, take a quiz at:


I read an article recently written by a male morning show host who conducted his own experiment by wearing the same suit every weekday during his show for a year. He said no one noticed. He just wore a different shirt and tie each day.

So give this system a go and let me know your outcome. You will find that you save time and spend less money on additional clothing …. no more “I’ve got nothing to wear “


Until next week’s post, which will be about Automating your Food Shopping, happy organising!


PS  Please share this post with anyone you know that needs to get organised


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