How to build a cost effective Christmas Tree

Toilet Roll Christmas Tree


So, you want a Christmas Tree that is cheap, recyclable and repurposed from items you already own.  The beauty of this project is that the whole family can get involved.

I have been reading online recently that a lot of people save  [ or is that ‘ hoard ’? ]  their toilet roll cores ready to repurpose

Regular readers will remember How to Save Money by making your own Gift Boxes using toilet roll cores.

So, whilst I have been resting my ankle after twisting it badly two weeks ago, I have had the opportunity to use up quite a few cores to create a cost-effective Christmas Tree for the dining table.


  • Toilet roll cores
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


  • Paint and Paintbrush
  • Empty Wine Bottle with a stopper [ screw cap or cork ] weighed down with something like water, sand or rice grains
  • Long cardboard core from plastic wrap or aluminium foil
  • Terracotta pot or empty can which you can weigh down


Step 1:

  • Measure your toilet roll core and visually estimate the ½ length mark

Step 2:

Step 2

Step 2a

  • Cut your first core once to approximately the half way mark
  • Offset second core slightly into this slit so you can mark the rim of the first core ready to make a second slit. You can make this mark with either with an indent, a pencil or marker pen
  • When you’ve made the second slit, insert second core as shown [ below Step 2b ]
Step 2

Step 2b

Step 3: 

  • Place third core into the second slit cut and mark as previously
  • Repeat this step again as you should be able to fit four cores around the first core
  • The fourth core should slide into the first and third slits
Step 3

Step 3 

Step 3 - View from top looking inside

Step 3 – View from top looking inside

Step 4:

  • Repeat Step 3 adding an extra two cores around the circumference
  • I also added cores in the centre to firm up the structure but I don’t think it is really necessary unless you have plenty of cores like I did  [ and still do ]
Build to your required height

Build to your required height

Step 5:

  • Decorate your Christmas Tree according to your dining table colour theme 
Go for something rustic

Go for something rustic

or Paint in a colour to suit your table's theme

or Paint in a colour to suit your table’s theme

Step 6: (optional)

If you want to reduce the size of the footprint of your Christmas Tree, especially if you are using this as a centrepiece for your Christmas table, insert either the weighted down wine bottle or long cardboard core.  I will post some photos next week to show you – so ensure you have signed up my weekly post !

Next week I will also show you how to make the Tree Decorations from items from around the house.  So gather up the following material ready:

Junk Mail

Ring pull tabs

Roll-on Deodorant ball


Until next week – Thank you for dropping by



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