How to Save Money by making your own Gift Boxes

Toilet Roll Gift Boxes

Good things come in small packages

so the old saying goes

Here is an easy, cheap and quick way you can gift wrap your presents with just a few items you already have around the house.  You can even get the kids involved


  • Toilet Roll, Kitchen Paper, Plastic Wrap or Alfoil core*
  • Coloured paper, thick Plastic, Fabric, Corrugated Cardboard or anything else you want to repurpose
  • Bread bag, thick Plastic bag (not a thin supermarket bag) &/or coloured ribbon
  • Stick Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Optional:  Craft Hole-punch

* The size of the core you use depends on either the size of your gift or what you have on hand. You can always cut it down to size and make more than one


Step 1:

Step 1:

Step 1:

  • Measure the diameter of your core
  • Halve this measurement, then add around 7mm  [ 1/3 inch ]
  • Mark this measurement with a Pencil down the side of the Core. This is how far you will be pushing the Core wall in the centre

Once you have complete this step a few times, you will won’t have to measure as you will get a rough visual measure.

Don’t worry about the cardboard creasing as this will be covered up with wrapping. If you are not using wrapping, the creases can be flatted with your fingernail.


Step 2:

  • Pull the folds out to their original position


Step 3:

  • Select a theme or colour to suit for your Gift Recipient. It pays to be imaginative – e.g. Playing Cards, Greeting Cards or reuse Gift Paper
  • Wrap the paper, plastic or card around the core and allow it to lap over to hide the edges
  • Cut to size


Step 4:

  • Wipe glue on the core and wrapping. I found I needed to add extra glue on the edges where I fold them over


Step 5:

  • Complete your project with some decorative touches – this is what I did:


Blue Gift Box:   The paper and coloured band used was cut from a letterhead received as unsolicited junk mail


Red Gift Box:   Covered with a chain store bag


The Stars   are made with the triangle-shaped craft hole punch I invested in a few months ago. This is the same one used in the post How to make a Bowl with a Craft Hole Punch in 6 easy steps. These stars were produced by stamping out two triangles from junk mail and gluing them at opposing angles.


Orange Ribbon: Made from a bread bag


Corrugated Cardboard: Made from stripping down the outer layer of a lid from a cardboard box and then cut into a strip long enough to wrap around the roll

Type of Box to look for

Type of Box to look for

Cardboard stripped back to reveal Corrugation

Cardboard stripped back to reveal Corrugation

Post a photo of your toilet roll project to my Facebook page

I’ve already started on my next project, repurposing Coffee cans.  Until next week!


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