How to make a Gift Box with Plastic bottles

Gift Box with Ribbons

We all have Gift Boxes hiding in our cupboards …. we just need to open our eyes to the possibilities

They are in our Pantries, Laundries, Fridges and Bathrooms


These Gift Boxes are in fact repurposed from plastic bottles and the ribbons from strips of plastic bread bags

I have used three styles of bottles:

  1. Clear – P.E.T. Soda bottle
  2. Opaque – White Vinegar bottle
  3. Blue – Liquid Laundry Detergent bottle



  • Ruler
  • Utility Knife
  • Marker Pen
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Empty Plastic Bottle
  • Methylated Spirits to remove template marks
  • Coin and Plate or Bottle with curved edges for tracing


  • If you have traces of glue to remove, Essential Oils such as Orange Oil, Eucalyptus Oil or Tea Tree Oil, applied with a lint-free rag, will normally do the job
  • Ribbon to seal your Gift Box


Step 1:

  • Remove labels from your empty plastic bottle. If the label and glue are firmly affixed, rub a little essential oil and rub with a lint-free rag

Step 2:

  • Use your Marker Pen and Ruler to draw a line around the circumference of the Plastic Bottle at your desired height.  Keep in mind that the final height will be smaller once you fold over the edges 
Step 4

Step 3

Step 3:

  • Use your Utility Knife to cut through the Plastic Bottle along the line you have just marked.

Warning:  Be careful with the utility knife as the plastic will be slippery

Step 4:

  • Measure the diameter of the opening of your bottle
  • Halve this measurement, then add around 25mm  [ 1 inch ]
  • Use this latter figure to mark down the sides from the four corners  [ or, if your bottle is totally circular, 90 degrees apart]  of your Plastic Bottle 
Step 4:

Step 4:

Step 5:

  • Use a Plate or Bottle as a template to mark a tulip shape from the rim of your Plastic Bottle to the points you have just marked
Step 5:

Step 5:

Step 6:

  • Use your Scissors to cut around these marks
  • Cut slightly wider between each petal to allow room for folding
Step 6:

Step 6:

Step 7:

  • Option One:  Use the plastic off-cut as your template to draw around to mark a tab and cut using Scissors  [ see opaque Gift Box ]
  • Option Two:  Draw an arc with a Marker Pen using a Coin as your template and cut using Scissors  [ see blue Gift Box ]

Step 7 - Option 1

Step 7 – Option 1

Gift Box closing tab

Step 7 – Option 1

Step 7 - Option 1

Step 7 – Option 1

Step 8:

  • Use some Methylated Spirits to remove any pen marks
Step 9:

Step 9:

Step 9:

  • Fold in your smaller side petals
Step 10:

Step 10:

Step 10:

  • Fold in your larger tabbed petal over and into the opposite petal to close and secure with a ribbon or decorate as you like

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2 comments on “How to make a Gift Box with Plastic bottles
  1. Simply Save says:

    Neat idea! Awesome way to repurpose every day things!


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How to Repurpose Plastic Bottles into Gift Boxes

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