Don’t toss your Citrus Peel – it will Save you Money

citrus fruit

I have recently returned from a 7200km  [ about 4500 miles ]  road trip;  more to come on that subject in upcoming posts …

It is great to be able to interact with people of different generations  [ older and younger, and especially away from the cities ]  to pick up their money saving tips

Here are some, imparted to me, about how you can use Citrus Peel – you can use Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Mandarins, Tangerines, Grapefruit and any cross breeds you can think of.

Flavoured Honey:

If you can’t afford single-sourced honey, which is more expensive than the commercial blended honey from the supermarket, you can improve its flavour by steeping your Citrus Peel in your honey jar. The citrus oils will be absorbed into the honey giving it a great flavour. The time taken will vary according to the nature and dryness of the peel; a month is probably a good starting point.

After improving your honey, don’t throw the peel out as you can reuse this when baking your fruit cakes or fruit mince pies.


After juicing your citrus fruit, dry the skins out in the sun. These can be used to get your log fire or barbecue going. The citrus oils burn hot, reducing the need to use firestarters and boosting your kindling, and they don’t detonate like pine cones.

Scented Cleaner:

I like to clean the outside surfaces of the toilet pedestal with methylated spirits, however my hubby doesn’t like the smell.

Steep citrus peel in a glass jar of methylated spirits in a dark cupboard for a month. The citrus oils will transfer, yielding you a nicer smelling methylated spirits. Having done this, hubby now compliments me on how nice the bathroom smells after I have cleaned it.

Air Freshener:

The Scented Cleaner above can also be used as an Air Freshener, when you re-use a household pump-pack atomiser.  Being alcohol based it can be sprayed directly into the air.      [  Just don’t do it near a lit barbecue or candelabra! ]

Hand deodoriser:

Squeeze and rub the citrus peel to draw the oils out onto your hands to remove the smell of onions, garlic, seafood and washing-up water.

Ant Repellent:

Use a potato peeler to shave thin strips of citrus peel (a couple of millimetres thick, without the pith, about the size of your little finger) and place wherever you observe ants congregating in your house. Ants apparently don’t like the smell. Replace either when the strips totally dry out, or if ants return. I have been successfully doing this for around 8 months now in both wet and dry weather.


You can also add your Orange Peel to wine.  Check out a previous post How to turn Cheap wine into Awesome Wine for more details.


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