How to Make a reusable Gift Pouch from a Plastic Bottle

Vinegar bottle completed with paper weave


This Gift Pouch is what you need if the gift you are giving is:

Difficult to wrap

Delicate or

Will easily melt in your hand


  • Plastic bottle
  • Utility / Craft knife
  • Heavy duty Scissors or Kitchen Shears
  • Ruler
  • Marker Pen
  • Hole punch
  • Wood / Craft Glue
  • Strips of either Coloured paper, Ribbon, Fabric or Plastic bags
  • Extra Ribbon – Fabric or Gift Ribbon


I used an empty plastic vinegar bottle for this project however you could use an empty drink bottle or a squat ice cream container with the labels removed

Step 1:   Remove labels from your chosen Plastic Bottle

Step 2:   Measure the height of your gift and add at least 50mm [2 inches] and transpose this measurement from the base of your bottle and use your Marker Pen to place dot around the bottle at the same height

Step 3

Step 3:   Use your Ruler as your guide to draw a line around your Plastic bottle with your Marker Pen

Step 4

Step 4

 Step 4:   Use a Utility or Craft knife to carefully cut into the Plastic Bottle along your marked line. If your cut is misaligned [ like I did ], use your kitchen shears to tidy it up the edges.

Note:     The plastic can be slippery so only have the blade out a few millimetres

Step 5:   Measure the circumference of the top of your bottle and divide this so that each of our vertical tabs will be evenly spaced

Step 6

Step 6

Step 6:  Use your Scissors or Shears to cut your vertical tabs and finish evenly at the base of your plastic bottle

Tip:       You can remove the marker pen lines with methylated spirits and rubbed off with paper towel

Step 7:  Use a Hole Punch to place a hole at the end of each tab.

I used a standard office two hole punch using it in my hand to gauge the middle of each tab

Steps 7 & 8

Steps 7 & 8

Step 8:  Start weaving back and forth between each tab. Once you reach the end, glue the ends of the strip together.

I used coloured paper from a supermarket catalogue and double-sided my colour by gluing the same colour on the reverse.

Step 9:  Repeat Step 8 until you reach the desired height allowing around 50mm [2 inches] at the top as you will need this space when you bring the top together when sealing your pouch.

Step 10 - view from above

Step 10 – view from above

Step 10: Weave either a fabric ribbon or gift ribbon through the holes you have punched through the top and pull to close.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to make another pouch. This one is weaved with some plastic tape I had received as packaging. Not sure what exactly it is, but maybe you could enlighten me.

This time, I threaded gift ribbon through the holes of the second pouch

Plastic pouch woven with plastic tape


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