How to Make a Catchall Paper Bowl

Catchall Bowl completed

Do you or your Significant Other have a pocket or pockets full of stuff?

For example, coins, glasses, phone, chains, chewing gum, pens or a watch [ well maybe that one is on their wrist or pinned to their shirt if they are in the medical profession… ] Anyway, you get the picture.

If items are left strewn on the table or kitchen bench, some items get lost and all Hell breaks loose when they’re needed again.

Here is how you can make a cheap Catchall from paper.  You can then decorate each one to suit each person by colour or by theme or both.


  • Ruler
  • Paintbrush
  • Pen or pencil
  • Wood / Craft glue
  • Glass jar half-full of water
  • 2 Identical Bowls to use as a template
  • Plastic bag or sheet of plastic
  • Strips of Paper – either coloured or white
  • (Optional) Acrylic paint if you decide to colour code your bowls for all the family if you haven’t got coloured paper on hand


Step 1:  Measure and cut enough strips of paper to cover your template bowl

Step 2

Step 2

Step 2:  Take 4 strips of paper to start and weave one over the other as shown.  Use a little watered-down glue to secure these together

Step 3

Step 3

Step 3:  Add more strips to form a sheet of woven paper to fit your chosen template-bowl.  Paint the watered-down glue to each strip where it touches another strip

Step 4:  Whilst the project is still damp, drape this over your template-bowl, which has been covered with plastic to prevent it adhering to it

Step 5:  Trim the excess paper hanging over the edge to tidy it up

Step 6:  Place another piece of plastic over your project and then place an identical bowl over the top and weight it down if it is not heavy bowl

Step 7:  When your project is dry, remove your paper bowl from the template and piece of plastic and invert it to sit inside your template bowl

Step 8

Step 8

Step 8:  Cut another piece of paper to fit the circumference of the lip of your project as shown. Then paint this with the watered down glue and wrap this around your paper bowl

Completed bowl ready for decoration

Step 9:  Once your project is complete and dried out, you can decorate it:

  •  Acrylic paint or coloured paper if you decide to colour code your bowls for each family member, or
  • Découpage

Refer to post How to Découpage with Junkmail for instructions


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