How to Weave a Purse from Plastic Bags

Business card holder

This purse can be as small or large as you desire.  Mine is the size of a business card

The size of the item that you finish with, will be half the size of the piece of cardboard you started with

This project is suitable from around age 7 years old  [ with a little guidance ]  upwards and can be made from various materials


  • Ruler
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Sharp scissors
  • Darning Needle with large eye or Safety Pin
  • Rectangular shaped cardboard
  • String, Wool, Strong Cotton or something similar
  • Plastic Bag, Paper, Wool or Fabric


  • Measure and mark a border at each end of your cardboard.  At one end I marked mine at 10mm and 5mm at the other
  • Now measure and mark across your cardboard at regular intervals.  I marked mine at 10mm intervals
  • Rule a horizontal line between each so you can clearly see where your string is.  This will be your template which you can use more than once  
Weaving template

Weaving template

Note:   I have used green string to make it a little easier to see in the photograph but you can use any colour scheme

  • Snip the cardboard at each of the cardboard down to your vertical line
  • Make a loop with the string and wrap it around the first line of your template between the cut edges at each end.  Secure with a small knot at one of the ends
  • Wrap the remaining string back and forth doing a U-turn around each tab until you reach the last horizontal line where you will make a loop again and secure with a small knot. If you turn you cardboard over now you will see a loop at the top of each tab
  • Fold the cardboard in half so the strings will be on the outside of your template
  • Thread your chosen weaving material  [ either Plastic Bag, Paper, Wool or Fabric ]  either through a Darning Needle or Safety Pin depend on the age appropriateness of the person completing this project
  • Weave the material over and under each alternate string line on the first side and then flip the cardboard over to do the same on the backside
  • Repeat this step until you bottom on your project. Push each row close together so you won’t be able to see the cardboard behind
  • The final row will be reached when you can only see the crease in the base of the cardboard
  • Sew the base ends together to make your pocket

base ends sewn together

  • Fold each cardboard tab inwards and lift the strip loop off
  • Fold your cardboard template in half and gentle slide your pocket off.   It is now ready for use or you may wish to line it

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