How to make a Bowl with a Craft Hole Punch in 6 easy steps


With gift giving season only 15 weeks away I decided to purchase  [ Sorry! “invest in” ]  a craft hole punch a few weeks ago, in readiness for donning my Crafting Hat

I was looking to purchase a round-shaped cutter but settled on a triangle as I think it will be more versatile for creating new shapes – diamonds, stars and hexagons come to mind

I deliberately purchased it locally rather than buying online as I like to keep my money circulating in my community.  I get to meet the seller and I am able to walk to his shop, so I also get some exercise   [ a Win | Win | Win outcome ]

Over the next few weeks, I will be showing you how I will Save Money, making some groovy, eco-friendly, handmade gifts which you can too! I should probably call them ‘one-off ’ gifts as no two will look the same.

This is my first such project – an artistic looking bowl using triangles.  Probably not sturdy enough to store your keys or mobile phone but certainly suitable for some potpourri or items collected from your garden that you wish to display.   To strengthen your bowl you will need at least 3 layers of triangles.  Which is what I did on the base only of my bowl.

This project is easier enough for children to make with a little assistance from you


  • Paintbrush
  • Two Plastic bags
  • Wood/Craft glue
  • Glass jar half-full with water
  • Magazines, Catalogues or Giftwrap
  • Craft hole punch in the shape of your choice
  • Two of something you can use as a Template – like two bowls or plates


Step 1: Decide on the shape you would like to create.  Use a template like a bowl or plate

Step 2: Wrap your bowl or plate in a plastic bag and ensure that the plastic bag is as smooth as you can get it around the base as this is your template

Step 3: Start in the middle of the base of your bowl or plate, layer each hole-punched shape around the first one.  Each piece will need to be touching the next piece in at least two places

Step 4: I glued two layers of paper in the base of the bowl to give it more strength.  If you want a more robust bowl than mine, you may want to do this all over

Step 5: After each row you will need to allow a few hours for the glue to dry as the paper does stretch a little and become floppy until it dries.  Place the second plastic bag over your project and then the second bowl or plate to weigh down your project and to ensure it stays in shape

Step 6: Repeat Step 5 until you reach the size you like.  On my final row I inverted my triangle to point downwards to give the bowl a stronger edge but this is your bowl so do what appeals to you most.


I hope you enjoy making this project as much as I did.  Connect with me on Facebook and share your photos:





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3 comments on “How to make a Bowl with a Craft Hole Punch in 6 easy steps
  1. That is neat! I just got rid of all my punches a few months ago


  2. […] craft hole punch I invested in a few months ago. This is the same one used in the post How to make a Bowl with a Craft Hole Punch in 6 easy steps. These stars were produced by stamping out two triangles from junk mail and gluing them at opposing […]


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