How to Découpage with Junkmail

Decoupage signage

To save money  [ and the environment ]  think about what you can create which will be unique.

Last week I showed you How to make a papier-mâché Jewellery Holder by repurposing newspaper and a glove.

This week I am going to show you how you can decorate it using paper you already have around the house.

Firstly you will need to decide upon what colour background you want.  I have reused a few Pharmacy/Chemist paper bags having a satin finish.  Perhaps you may want to match this background colour to the décor of your bedroom.

Then you will need to decide on either a colour scheme or picture-based finish to suit your décor.  The obvious theme choice for me was jewellery – so I used pictures of jewellery from three catalogues I received as junkmail.


Here are a few themes to get your own mind brainstorming:

  • Flowers and Plants
  • Letters &/or Numbers
  • Olde World or Vintage printed paper
  • Make your hand your Vision Board as you will see it every day and it will remind you of your goal



  • Background paper
  • Magazines, Catalogues or Giftwrap
  • Sharp Scissors – standard and nail sized
  • Wood or Craft Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Lidded container  (suitable for use over a number of days)  to hold glue
  • Glass jar half-full of water


  • Firstly you will need to cover your Jewellery Hand with a base layer of paper.  You will need to wrap each digit vertically and horizontally to get full coverage and a smooth finish. At every stage, a smooth finish is essential, especially in this case, as I want rings to fit on each finger.  I didn’t bother removing the latex glove, I just papered over it.
This is the background paper I chose

This is the background paper I chose

  • Use your standard-sized Scissors to cut pictures from Magazines, Catalogues or Giftwrap to suit your theme.  Your initial cuts don’t need to be perfect,  i.e.  you can cut  ‘ outside the line ’.   This will save you time, especially when you see how many extra/different pictures you can use.
  • Select different sized pictures to complete your project. Cut enough large ones to roughly cover the project, then cut progressively smaller ones to fill in gaps as they occur.   [ Overlapping is not necessarily a bad thing, either.  My husband still loves a découpaged chest of drawers I made years ago by overlapping a picture of a tiger, looking like it was walking across a piano keyboard! ]
  • Now you can start precise cutting around the outline of each picture to remove backgrounds.  You will need to use your nail scissors to cut some of the smaller, more intricate pictures.
  • Once you have enough pictures, into your lidded container add some glue with a few drops of water to thin it down ever so slightly.  I soaked my paintbrush in a jar of water and wrung out the excess water

TIP:   Don’t be too heavy handed with the glue as it will cause the paper to bubble, stretch and wrinkle

  • After you have lined up where you would like to place some of your larger cut-out pictures, paint a very thin layer of glue on the back of each one and place onto your Jewellery Hand.  Repeat this step over and over until you are happy with the look of your project.

TIP:   You may want to complete this project over a number of days. This will allow you to sit back and take in the big picture of your project’s progress.

  • Once you are happy with the final look, paint two coats of undiluted wood/craft glue all over, to give it a lovely sheen.  Ensure that the first coat is completely dry before applying the second coat.
Completed project - I just need to hand some jewellery off it

Completed project – I just need to hand some jewellery off it


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