How to Repurpose Junkmail to make a Handy Jewellery holder



I saw some lovely homemade, plaster Jewellery holders recently online and I thought

 ‘ I’d like one of those ‘


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know, I don’t like to fork out money unnecessarily and I love to repurpose and reuse items I already have around the house.

Therefore, I made myself this handy Jewellery holder out of papier-mâché and an used Latex glove  [ previously used by I had punctured it with a fingernail ]


  • Newspaper
  • Tall wide-necked Jar
  • Bucket or something similar in which to soak newspaper for a few days
  • Rubber or Latex glove
  • Sewing Needle, toothpick or skewer
  • Sieve or tea strainer (optional) or you can just squeeze the excess water from the newspaper
  • Clove oil  (optional)
  • Wood / Craft glue


Consider what gesture  [ oh dear … there’s a temptation! ]   that you want your hand to make.   Keeping it polite, maybe one of these?



Steps One & Two

Steps One & Two

Step 1:   Rip your Newspaper into strips

Step 2:   Then into smaller pieces.  I ripped mine into rectangles around 10mm x 20mm   [ around 3/8 inch by 3/4 inch ]

Step Three

Step Three

Step 3:   Soak your Newspaper pieces in enough water to cover for at least 24 hours.  As I have been doing this project in a cool climate, I added 4 drops of Clove Oil to the water as a mildew killer.

I have read online that you can boil up the Newspaper/water mix, however the newsprint can burn onto the pot.  It can also deposit toxic chemicals onto the metal, so you probably don’t want to use a cooking-grade pot.  I wasn’t willing to take either chance myself

Step 4:   Push your Fine Sewing Needle into the fingers of your Glove to make around 6-10 holes per finger.  This is so you can squeeze out any excess water

Get your tall wide-necked Jar to support your glove

Get your tall wide-necked Jar to support your glove

Step Five

Step Five

Step 5:   Support your Glove in a hanging down position by using the cuffs as a support around the neck of a tall jar

Step 6:   Grab a handful of soaked Newspaper and drain it through a sieve, tea strainer or squeeze it out tightly – eliminating as much water as you can

Step Seven

Step Seven

Step 7:   Roll the wet paper into a sausage shape and push into one of the fingers of the Glove

Step 8:   Repeat Step 7 for each finger & thumb.

Tip:   If you are going to be storing your rings on your Jewellery Hand, ensure the moulded fingers are the same size or slightly smaller as your hands 

Step 9:   When you get to the wrist, you will need to start broadening your project out to a wide base so that it will sit unassisted and be less top-heavy

Step 10:  Remove Glove from Jar and squeeze excess water out of fingers through the pin holes you made previously.  It will feel like you are milking a cow except with squirts from multiple directions    [ Tip: don’t wear your good clothes when doing this ]

Step 11:  Place the Glove back into the jar in the hanging position to dry for a few days in a warm place before removing glove from jar

Step 12:  Over the next few days, give the glove a gentle squeeze between your thumb and pointer-finger.  If your hand-in-progress feels firm to your touch, add more well-wrung-out Newspaper mash into your Glove forming your hand into the gesture you want.  You will definitely need to add wood/craft glue if you are going to be bending the fingers.  If you think that your mix is looking a bit lumpy, and you’re concerned about how well it will hold together, don’t be afraid to use a bit more wood/craft glue wherever you see a weakness.

 Jewellery Hand undress with watermark


Step 13: Once you are happy that the paper mix inside the glove is fully dry, start thinking about how you would like to decorate it

Decorating Ideas:

  • Paint it.  Water-based based paint will work fine if the glove is removed, however you will probably need to use a thick application of acrylic paint, which may cause problems later with your ring-sizing
  • Cover it in glued coloured paper; leave it at that, or continue to
  • Découpage it with pictures in colours or themes that will suit your décor

I decided to leave the glove on, paper and découpage mine.  What do you think?

To instructions on decorating your jewellery holder refer my post How to Decoupage with Junkmail


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5 comments on “How to Repurpose Junkmail to make a Handy Jewellery holder
  1. BluKatDesign says:

    This is so cool! 🙂


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