How to Decorate your Tree


Year round Table Decoration

This week’s project gives the final instructions to complete the  Make your own Christmas in July Tree for the table in 10 easy steps




My tree has gone from a naked ugly duckling and emerged as a colourful swan

Although I never got around to completing my tree in July, this project is suitable for any festive occasion.  Choose your theme to suit – Birthdays, Valentine’s Day or even a dinner party centrepiece.  Plus it is reusable – keep it as is or glue a new theme over the top.

Originally I was either going to paint or découpage my tree, however after watching a home renovation show on TV, I was inspired by a slate roof being built.

[ Looking at my completed project, it looks more like fish scales than a slate roof; maybe squares, next time? ]



  • Pen  ( if you are going to cut out your shapes )
  • Coin or a Shape you want to repeat ( if you are going to cut out your shapes )
  • Scissors or Craft hole punch
  • Magazines or Junk Mail
  • Craft / Wood glue

If you already own a craft hole punch, I would suggest that you use it as cutting out the shapes is labour intensive, especially if you are in a hurry.  However, I am a Believer and I practice making do with what I already own to make this project cost-effective.



Collect junk mail from the same Supermarkets; Discount stores and Pharmacies for about a month so that you will get the same, standard colours each week to make colour matching quicker.



  • After you have cut out or hole punched your shapes, you will be dabbing glue on them;
  • The first shape on each row will have less glue on so that you can overlap the first shape with the last shape you glue on that row;
  • I found using either a small paintbrush or the next shape to spread the glue across the surface of each shape easier than using my fingers;
  • When I reached the peak of my tree, I cut a slit in the round-shaped coloured paper and folded it over to form a cap for the tree to finish it off.


Sprinkle a little glitter over your project if that suits your theme



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