No Money Required – more Free books and entertainment

No Money required


As you know, from the byline of my blog, I do love to Save Money.  Libraries are a great way to entertain the whole family and save lots of it.


If you have read my post Books, Magazines & more….. FREE! you will remember that libraries have changed in a BIG way in recent times.  It’s not just about lending books these days!

I recently moved from a medium-sized city where I had two local libraries to choose from using the one library card, to a regional area where I now have 7 branch libraries.

I have only visited two branches so far, however I have noticed that each one has its own identity.

The first one I visited is the main branch.  It has an open plan entry with anterooms feeding from it; intimate spaces into which you can escape.

There is an exit to the Sun Room, which is an outdoor space protected from breezes where you can take a book and your cup of coffee, sit in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air.  There is also a lovely park view.

There is also an adjoining Art Gallery plus, next door through the hedges, the Municipal Pool which is heated in winter.

There is the dedicated Children’s Area where storytelling and play take place, where you can borrow anything from books to toys.  They also have Treasure Hunts, Games and Readings after dark.

There are the mandatory Study Rooms wherein I will probably never venture.  I prefer the non-fiction area where I can view books about Owner Builders; Permaculture Gardening; Health and anything else that catches my eye as mind-improvement material.

This library branch even lends Jigsaw Puzzles and Talking Books on a type of hard-drive.  You just need to provide your own 4x AAA batteries and headset.

The second library I have visited is more intimate and friendly.  There are plenty of magazine titles to choose from, and it seems that this branch is less frequented by the locals.  There are some great books here; I even found a  “WordPress for Dummies”  book.  Yes, I borrowed that one!  Not finished reading it yet though, very much a work-in-progress …

But wait… there’s more!

Were you aware that you don’t necessarily have to physically attend your library to avail yourself of some services?  In my former location I used in conjunction with my library account card to borrow, download and play games.  In addition to continuing to use my old library facilities with Zinio, I now can also use in conjunction with my new library account card.  While this might sound redundant, it allows me access to extra titles.

Have you checked out your local library recently?

Have you encountered something that your local library offers that genuinely surprised or delighted you?  Tell me!



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  1. […] have written about this in two previous posts:    Books, Magazines & more … FREE !  and  No Money Required – more Free books and entertainment  where you can use your Library Card to access books and magazines at home online for Free. […]


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