3 New Ways to Save you Time & Money in the Bathroom

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My mother recently lent me a book, which she received when she first got married. It is a How-to Guide for doing things around the house.  It was published back in the days when being a Housewife  [ with or without children ]  was seen as a career rather than a chore – or, in some cases, torture.

I have been successfully trialling, for a month now, two hints featured in that book:


Soap Holder doubling as the Sink Cleaner:

Rest your soap on a thick sponge or combination sponge/scourer for a quick everyday or every-week cleaner. All the horrid sludgy soap pieces, which would normally land on your soap dish, stay on the sponge; no need to add any other cleaning products, just rub your sponge around the sink. This will not only save you time but money.


Another cheap and effective KISS  [ Keeping It Simple Solution ] for Foggy Mirrors:

After you have left the shower, whilst your mirror is still fogged up, put two drops of concentrated dishwashing detergent on either a microfibre cloth or soft, lint-free cotton rag and, using a tight, circular motion, rub all over your mirror.

Not only will you clean your mirror, but you will inhibit fogging, until you feel the need to clean it again, maybe a week to 10 days later!


Here’s a little gem of my own, for the Handbasin and Shower:

Plenty has already been written about using bi-carb  [ baking soda ]  as a cheap, environmentally-friendly, cleaner.

As a regular reader, you already know that I like to get more than I paid for so I use the chore of bathroom cleaning as my time to also enjoy some aromatherapy.

I simply add 2-3 drops of an essential oil to each batch of bi-carb paste. My favourites are Eucalyptus oil or Tea Tree oil [ especially when someone has germs in the household ]; Lavender oil [ when I have a headache or desperately need to de-stress ] and Clove oil [ during a wet winter or humid summer as we have had here this year], as it kills mould spores. Use whatever you have on hand, just make sure it is pure essential oil, not scented oil, if you want therapeutic benefits.


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