Make your own Christmas Tree for the table in 10 easy steps

christmas in julyRequirements:

  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Wooden skewer
  • Spring loaded Clothes Pegs
  • Kraft Paper – Deli or Butcher’s Paper
  • Wood glue – thinned down a little, 3:1 glue to water in a small jar. Keep the original glue bottle handy; you will need to use a little of it undiluted at the beginning
  • Small paint brush, or you can use your fingers
  • Something heavy to use as weights
  • Freezer bag (optional)
Step 1

Step 1

Step 1:

  • Cut two identical circles from the cardboard depending on the size of the Centrepiece you wish to make. The size of your project will depend on the length of your table. However you don’t want to block your guests’ view so height matters
Step 2

Step 2

 Step 2:

  • Cut your paper to smaller manageable square pieces

Step 3

Step 3:

  • Paint the watered-down glue around all edges of each sheet of paper
  • Roll each sheet of paper around your skewer fairly tightly to look like a paper straw. The glue is painted around each edge so that your paper straws will not unravel
  • You are using your skewer as a size guide to give each paper straw the same diameter. You will need to ease the skewer out a little after each few rolls of the sheet otherwise you lose the end of the skewer
Step 4

Step 4

Step 4:

  • Use your undiluted glue straight from the bottle to adhere some paper straws, radiating from one of the cardboard discs.  As you can see, I chose seven which are fairly evenly spaced but it will depend on the size of cardboard discs you use as to how many you will need 
Step 5

Step 5

Step 5:

  • Then adhere the other cardboard disc on top of the lot with your bottle of glue 
Step 6

Step 6

Step 6:

  • Weigh down your project and let it dry overnight. I placed a freezer bag between my project and the weights to ensure they wouldn’t adhere together.   The weights I used were ankle weights and dumb-bells
Step 7

Step 7

Step 7:

  • The next day, remove the weights and freezer bag
  • Fold the paper straws upwards into roughly an inverted cone and then use the undiluted glue straight from the bottle to stick the straws together.  I used a spring loaded Clothes Peg to hold them in place.  Allow to dry and remove clothes peg
Step 8

Step 8

Step 8:

  • Repeat Step 3 to make further paper straws.  Only make them as required for this project as you will need them to be flexible to wrap them around the cone shape
  • Flatten the paper straw, and dab a little diluted glue around the cardboard disc base and start wrapping the paper straw around.  Leave around 50mm  [ around 2 inches ]  unglued tab ready to join the next paper straw.  You don’t have to complete this project in one day.  You can allow rows to dry and continue when you have time
  • Make another paper straw as previously
  • Join the end of the first paper straw with the next straw with undiluted glue straight from the bottle and hold with a clothes peg until it is touch dry.  Don’t use too much glue as the paper will tend to swell and stretch
  • Clamp with a peg as necessary to hold each row in place
  • Repeat this process until you’ve reached the tip of your project
Step 9

Step 9

Step 9:

  • Once you have reached the pointy end of your project, cut your sheets of kraft paper into ever-decreasing sized triangles to make shorter, more pliable straws.  Paint your diluted glue as previously.  I found that I needed to overlap part of the rows to fill in some gaps as I hadn’t pushed some rows down tight enough
Ready for Decoration

Step 10 – Ready for Decoration

Step 10:

  • Time to decorate your Table Centrepiece according to your colour theme.  What do you think I should do with mine?   Vote below Now!    Decoupage or Paint?


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For instructions on How to Decorate your Tree press here


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