How to make Placemats with Junk Mail

Placemat montage

It is time to Repurpose your Junk Mail, Catalogues, Magazines & / or Kraft paper again

Whether you are having a World Cup Party,

getting ready to Celebrate the 4th of July;  Bastille Day;  mid-year Christmas  or

a  Children’s Party,  here is how you can add some colour to your table

Materials required

  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Wood Glue
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Junk Mail, Catalogues, Magazines & / or kraft [ Butcher’s or Deli paper ]


Step One

Step One

  • Work out what colour scheme you are going with, select a base colour and cut to the size you want to make your placemat.   Choose measurements which are easily divisible
Step Two

Step Two

  • Fold your base coloured paper in half, either landscape, portrait  or  diagonally depending on the outcome you want
  • Measure an identical border around three sides

Step Three  

  • Within your borders, measure and draw lines at regular intervals.      Mine are 10mm [ around ½ inch ] you can choose whatever size you like
Step Four

Step Four

  • With your scissors, cut down each line, up to your border

Step Five

  • Look through your Junk Mail, Catalogues or Magazines and cut even-width strips of the colour ranges you want, to suit your occasion. You will get a more even finish if the widths will fit within your borders of your base coloured paper
Step Six

Step Six

  • Unfold your base piece of paper ready to weave
  • Thread your ruler in and out alternating between each strip
  • Turn your ruler onto its edge to hold the slats apart and thread all the coloured strips through. For example, if you are using a Red & Blue scheme, thread all the Red coloured strips through now in one go, as it will be easier and quicker in the long run. Once done you can push them to one end and slide down one Red strip at a time after weaving through each Blue one. This will help keep the weave tight.
  • You can use the ruler as a guide. As it has a smooth surface, the weaving will also be easier, and you won’t leave any spaces.

Step Seven

  • Glue each end of the coloured strips to the underside of your placemat

Step Eight

  • Place a freezer bag over your Celebration Placemat and weigh it down with some books for 24 hours to ensure your mat is flat



  • After the 24 hours’ flattening, you can paint diluted 3:1 wood glue to water over your placemat to give it a slight sheen


  • You can laminate your Celebration Placemat if you want to use them frequently.  They’re easier to keep clean, too !
You can do other shapes too using the same method

You can make other shapes too using the same method

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