How to Knit using Plastic Bags


I received an email recently from a reader who requested the instructions on how to knit with plastic bags after my post

You will never look at Plastic Bags the same way



  • Plastic shopping bags or any thin plastic that is slippery
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Pair of Knitting needles
  • Sewing needle with a large eye
  • Ruler (optional)


  • Cut the handles off the plastic shopping bags
  • Cut down one side of the plastic bags to open it up so it lays flat in one piece
  • Snip the plastic bags ready to make a strip around 10-12mm width  [ around ½ inch ]
  • Once snipped, you can glide your sharp scissors through the plastic without having cut each strip
  • Carefully tie a few strips of plastic together end to end
  • Cast on with your needles and strips of plastic as you would with wool
  • Knit your desired item
  • Cast off your knitting
My Project

My Project



My Project Requirements:

  • Wooden Coathanger
  • Three slippery plastic shopping bags  [ this is the minimum ]
  • Another piece of non-slippery plastic to wrap around the wood for padding
  • Knitting needles
  • Sewing needle with a Large Eye
  • Sharp Scissors


Step One:

  • Wrap the coathanger with a piece of non-slippery plastic as padding.   No need to remove the metal hanging hook yet.

I used bread bags however you can give a second-life to anything soft past it intended purpose

e.g.   laddered, nylon pantyhose; an old T-shirt or even a frayed towel.

Wrap around as much as you like, depending on how much padding your clothes require

e.g.   a jacket with padded shoulders will sit better if you pad each end of the coathanger really well and extended over the edge.

Step Two:

  • Cut open the slippery plastic shopping bag so that it lays flat & cut into strips  [ as stated above ]

Step Three:

  • Cast on and knit

Be careful not the stretch the plastic as it will snap.  It is easy to reconnect and hide the join on the “wrong side”  [ the side that you will not see once the coathanger has been covered ]

Step Four:

  • Knit to the length of the coathanger including the padding

Step Five:

  • Remove metal hanging hook before laying your knitted piece over the hanger ready to sew.
  • Place a marker into the hole where the metal hanging hook  was removed.  I used a large-headed pin as my marker, but you can anything – even a matchstick.

Step Six:

  • Lay your knitted piece over the hanger ready to sew ensuring you don’t lose the hole for the hook.  My experience was it is hard to locate once the cover is sewn on
  • Thread a sewing needle with a sturdy 3mm strip  [ around 1/8 inch ]  of slippery plastic.   I used the end of the plastic shopping bag with the sealed edging as this is thicker than the rest of the bag;
  • Sew around the edges, screw the metal hanging hook back into the marked place and it is ready to use.


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