Make Party Bunting in 6 easy steps by repurposing your excess Plastic


I was cleaning out my  “ Plastics Drawer ”  last week.   Not sure if everyone has one of these.   When growing up, my mother had one and I have continued this tradition.

I normally use plastic containers for storing leftovers and for containerising items for use around the house.

Every now and again the plastics drawer starts to overflow and needs a good sorting through as I seem to gather way too much.

As I lift out each item, I think to myself  how can I repurpose this ?

These days I now get enthusiastic when I see plastic.  Here is my latest project – Party Bunting.  It’s durable, colourful and great indoors or out.

Holidays,  parties,  décor,  anything !


  • Items made of Flat Plastic
  • Scrap paper with straight edges
  • Fabric or rope for threading
  • Sharp scissors or paper guillotine
  • Hole punch
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Step One:

  • Take your Scrap paper ready for folding to make your template.

I have chosen a used envelope and photocopying paper as I have previously worked in the these industries and know both items must have 90 degree edges to be able to go through high speed inserting and sorting machines.

Keep in mind, the larger the sheet of paper, the larger triangle you will get.


Step One

Step Two:

  • Fold the paper in half from long edge across to long edge and press firm to make a straight crease and then unfold back.
  • Take the right-hand side long edge and fold it across to the top of the centre crease and repeat on the other side to look like an arrow.
  • Fold the paper on the short edge side to make a perfect triangle shape.

Step Two

  •  Cut off the excess paper using your scissors or a paper guillotine

The left triangle is made from a sheet of used photocopying paper and the right one is made from a used envelope

This is now your template so that all your flat plastic triangles will be the same size.

Step Three:

  • Take your flat plastic items and place paper template over the top and mark with pencil and ruler the required shape.

I have used ice cream containers and two plastic cutting boards past their purpose date

Step Four:

  • Cut out each triangle with your sharp scissors.   

Step Five:

  • With your hole punch, make holes at the left and right corners of the short side of each triangle.

Step Six:

  • Take your fabric or rope for threading your plastic triangles.

I have used the hemmed edge of an old polo t-shirt.

I have butted the triangles close together however I have seen versions of bunting with spaces in between.  It depends on the final look you want.


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4 comments on “Make Party Bunting in 6 easy steps by repurposing your excess Plastic
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  2. downmyfront says:

    I made bunting from some nice thick,colourful plastic carrier bags and strung it around the vegetable patch to scare off the pigeons. They were braver than I thought and ate my cabbages but the beans and peas are fine. It also looks really pretty… . I’m enjoying your blog- you have some really clever ideas that I plan to steal! Thanks from Kay


    • Thanks Kay. I saw some TV gardeners use the ends of white plastic bags tied to the end of garden stakes to keep the white cabbage moths out of the garden. It works by distracting them as they don’t have good eyesight & are predatory. My elderly neighbour told me not to plant green lettuce as the local birds eat them (he grows the red butter crunch ones). Mine were okay as I use a permaculture method [aka can’t be bothered weeding] and not plant in rows as this apparently confuses wildlife and bugs and don’t see your delicious veggies as a landing strip. It seems to be working for me so far. Try it and let me know how you go. All the Best, Glenda


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