3 ways to Produce Profit your way

I recently wrote  How to get More than you Paid for  where I discussed using everything that you paid for – including the packaging.

Here are 3 ways to Produce Profit.  In this case, a Pumpkin.  Use the whole lot – from seeds to skin and everything in between.

Check out this quick and simple guide to creating your very own planter box instead of purchasing one:


Step One:

  • Cut the top off your pumpkin depending on the depth of planter box you want

Step Two:

  • Scoop out the seeds, do not discard them


Step Three:

  • Cut an edge in from the sides of the pumpkin being careful not to pierce the skin



 Step Four:

  • Score the pumpkin inside the edge into sectors

Step Five:

  • Scoop each sector out with a spoon.  Put the flesh aside for cooking later.


It’s now ready to fill with soil and plants of your choice

I have filled my pumpkin planter box with mint, chocolate-mint, sweet [ Italian ] basil and Greek basil, parsley and coriander / cilantro

  • Impress your dinner guests by using your pumpkin planter box to present them with fresh herbs that they can pick themselves at the table to add to their meal
  • If you prefer potted colour, fill your pumpkin with colourful, flowering plants like marigolds, violas or pansies to inject some extra life and vibrancy into your home
  • This makes a cost-effective, imaginative Host / Hostess gift

In a few months, your pumpkin will start decomposing.  This is the time to plant the whole pumpkin into your garden.  No need to add fertiliser or soil improvers – this automatically composts your garden.  Saving you time and money.

Now for the rest of the Pumpkin

  • Salt and roast the seeds for a more-ish snack  [ pepitas ]
  • The roasted seeds also make a marvellous topping for curries, soups & salads
  • The pumpkin flesh makes great soup, bread, scones and even a curry sauce
  • Add a little peanut butter to left-over pumpkin soup, with a touch of chilli to make a great low-fat satay sauce

Saving you:   If you have any pumpkin left, put it into your compost bin.  This will save you time, cost, and inconvenience of both buying and storing potting mix with its attendant biological health risks – which could save your life.

Ah, the Cycle of Life

Homegrown Pumpkin

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3 comments on “3 ways to Produce Profit your way
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  3. Love this post, I have used the image on a reblog on Eco-Crap today.



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