10 steps to Hiding your Valuables


We all have valuables whether you are a child or an adult

Completed Hide your Valuables Coathanger

Here is how you can hide your valuables in plain sight

  • If you aren’t a fully self-sufficient Camper, Caravaner or RVer you can use this to carry your clothes and valuables to the amenities block
  • This one hanger can take your keys, money, comb, toothbrush and a change of clothes. There is even somewhere to store your dirty clothes
  • Hang it on the seat in front and fill with pencils, paper and treats for the kids when you are going on a road trip



  • Zippered satchel – e.g. repurpose a coin purse, pencil case or toiletry bag
  • Coathanger
  • Shirt
  • Fabric – enough to line the inside of the shirt.  The amount will depend on the size of the shirt you use
  • Scrap paper to make a rough pattern
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Step One:

  • Make a rough pattern from some scrap paper by marking an outline of the inside of the back panel of a shirt and cutting it to shape.

I used junk mail, but you could easily use butcher’s paper or any paper where the ink doesn’t transfer onto the fabric.

Paper pattern

Paper pattern

Step Two:

  • Fold the fabric in half to make a bag without the sides sewn up [ yet ].   I used an old sheet, past its intended purpose date [ holes had worn through in places ]. You will be cutting through both layers of the fabric so ensure the surface and fabric are perfectly flat.
  • Pin the fabric together.
  • Place the top of your pattern on the fabric with the opening at the neck. The base of your pattern will be on the fabric fold which will become the bag.
  • Pin the pattern to the fabric so it won’t slip whilst cutting.

Step Three:

  • Cut through both layers of the fabric around the pattern.

Step Four: 

  • Unpin the pattern from the fabric but leave the fabric layers pinned together.

Step Five:

  • Place your cut-out piece of fabric inside the shirt.
  • Sew both layers of the two straight sides of the fabric to the side hems of the shirt.
  • When you get to the armholes, you will only be sewing the single bottom layer of your fabric to armholes and yoke [ neck and shoulder area ] as the top layer will form the fold to hide the zippers.

pencil case wire coathanger

Step Six:

  • Place your wired Coathanger inside the shirt and lay on a flat surface.  I used a plastic coated wire hanger I already owned and an old shirt I no longer wear.
  • Place your zippered satchel between the shirt and the bottom layer of fabric.
  • Place the zippers each side of the horizontal bar of the hanger. If your zippered item only has one zipper, place the zipper above the horizontal bar of the coathanger.
  • Mark a line with a pencil and ruler where you will be making an opening for the zippered satchel.

Step Seven:

  • Being careful not to cut through the shirt, cut through the bottom layer of fabric so you can see the zippers.   You may want to place something sturdy like a piece of cardboard or cutting board between the shirt and bottom layer of fabric. 

Step Eight:

  • Sew the zippered satchel to the bottom layer of fabric.

Hide your Valuables Shirt

Step Nine:

  • Hem the top edge of the top layer of fabric.
  • Fold the top layer on the horizontal bar of the hanger to hide the zipper/s.

Step Ten:

  • Button up your shirt and hang it in your cupboard.

Voilà!   Instantly hidden in plain sight.

Completed Hide your Valuables Coathanger

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3 comments on “10 steps to Hiding your Valuables
  1. Debbie M. says:

    Very clever indeed!


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