Books, Magazines & more … FREE !


Did you know that not only can you borrow a book in person, you can also download books and magazines for FREE with your library card?

Great for when you are short on time or going on holidays and want to take a few books without the weight.

I know what you are thinking …

‘  I haven’t set foot into a library since school 

They have changed so much.    You won’t hear “Shhhhhhh!   very often.

 In my local library I can …

  • Watch TV on their large LCD screen
  • Make a cup of coffee or hot chocolate
  • Put my feet up in one of their comfy climate-controlled lounges
  • Borrow a laptop to do some in-house surfing with free Wi-Fi
  • Print,  photocopy  &  scan
  • In the gaming room, sit on the beanbags and play a few video games
  • Attend social media and basic internet classes
  • Check out the latest art or history exhibition
  • Go to a Book Launch
  • Join their Book Club

Oh, yeah … I can borrow a book, too!

And all of this is FREE – well, except for the coffee or hot chocolate, and the printing and photocopying.  Those will cost you a few coins.

Parents and Kids can save BIG bucks at the library:

  • You can borrow books [ including talking books ] and Toys
  • You can borrow DVDs and CDs
  • Attend a children’s workshop including storytime and craft mornings


You don’t even have to remember to take your Library Card – you can sign up to use your smartphone as your library card.   Who knew?  Get your FREE app like CardStar, Stocard or Key Ring to store you library card barcode on your smartphone.

Saving you:   Literally hundreds, if not thousands, over 12 months by taking advantage of all the activities the library has to offer.

Less weight to carry and less storage space required.

Think about the time you will save when it comes to moving on obsolete toys as your child grows.

Don’t forget to sign up for your Library’s FREE e-Newsletter so you don’t miss out on what’s on and what’s coming up soon.


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