How to turn Cheap wine into Awesome Wine

Awesome wine

Awesome wine

So you can only afford to buy the cheap stuff.  Not to worry.  Here is a trick passed onto me by a French lady whose Mother passed down this recipe to her, which she translated for me so I could give it a go.

Let me say, I was not disappointed.  I have turned cheap Rosé into a full bodied, aromatic, red wine with this recipe.


  • The peel of 2 Oranges per bottle
  • Rosé or your preferred cheap red wine
  • 1 cup of Brown Sugar per bottle


  • Sterilised screw top wine bottles
  • Strainer
  • Funnel
  • Measuring cup


Remove the peel from the Oranges using either a potato peeler, grater or micro plane. Ensure you don’t include the white pith as this is bitter. Insert the orange peel into the sterilised bottle. This is where you may need to use the funnel.

Pour your cheap red wine of preference into a sterilised screw top bottle, leaving about a 5cm [ 2 inch ] gap at the top. Store bottles in a cool, dark place.

After one month, add in 1 cup of Brown Sugar per bottle and reseal.

Then leave the mixture to steep for a minimum of another month before sampling it to see if it is to your taste.

The longer you leave the mixture to marinate, the better it will taste.  This allows the oils and aromatics to develop.  The first batch was 6 months old  [ the photo below is a glass of the first batch ]

Before serving your new Awesome wine, pour it into either a serving carafe or another sterilised bottle, straining the peel at the same time.

This wine is not recommended to be consumed by the designated driver as the alcohol level will have increased.

THIS WILL SAVE YOU:   Around AUD $16.00 per bottle

Serving suggestions:

  • Straight up in a wine glass:   Can be served chilled or at room temperature
  • Champagne cocktail
  • Spritzer

I also sampled a mixture of 50:50 Awesome wine with a soft, fruity red cask wine to see how it tasted.  Yet again a very respectable table wine you would be happy to serve to your friends and family.

Another batch of wine has already been put away using the soft, fruity red cask wine so I’ll keep you posted when it is ready for consumption.  With the further batches, I am going try some other aromatics such as Chocolate Essence, Whole Cloves, Cinnamon Sticks and Star Anise.    Can you think of any other aromatics I should try?

How do you think my Awesome wine looks?


Instructions on how to sterilise bottles:


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