You will never look at Plastic Bags the same way


I never take enough environmentally friendly, reusable bags each time I go shopping.  No matter how many I pack, I always seem to come home with at least one plastic bag.

I have even had some Checkout Chicks and Chucks  [ sorry PC, Checkout Operators ]  put my groceries into plastic bags before placing them neatly into my reusable bags.

Somehow, I don’t think some people have grasped the purpose of them yet.

What to do with all those dastardly environmentally unfriendly plastic bags?

I came across an article posted by DarnSexySecondHand that inspired me.  It was Eco Art Design by Angela van Boxtel who makes bowls and bikinis out of plastic bags.

Crotched plastic angela_van_boxtel3

Well I thought, I should give this a go.

I must admit haven’t knitted anything since I was a teenager.   Thank goodness for YouTube to remind me how.

My Grandmother taught me to knit but we never got up to how to read a pattern so I only knitted scarves and coat hanger covers so I won’t be going into competition with Angela.

This knitting caper was really satisfying. You just zen out, knit and watch TV.

Cheap too!  Only cost me 50 cents for the knitting needles from a local charity store.

You’ll be amazed at the amount of coloured plastic bags you have.  I found ones that were double sided – charcoal one side and battleship blue on the other. Bread bags look nice too.

Need instructions?    Here they are – Six Steps to Knitting with Plastic Bags


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4 comments on “You will never look at Plastic Bags the same way
  1. Jim says:

    I have my doubts as to whether these are UV stable, however I think they’d make an interesting quick-dry patchwork quilt for travelling purposes. Should hose clean very easily and wind-dry quickly, without need for bright sunshine.


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  3. […] Knitting with plastic bags – make your own bikini […]


  4. […] Knitting with plastic bags – make your own bikini […]


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