Sharing to Save money

I was watching television [ you’ll soon discover I probably watch waaay too much TV]  when a segment came on about a lady in London being interviewed about sharing.

It got me thinking we don’t share enough.

We are taught to share as a child with our siblings, our family, our friends and school mates.

We used to share jokes and photos via email. We now share via sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and the list goes on.

To save money we should be sharing more.

Why not share a Tradie (Tradesperson) with one of your neighbours.  We all put off calling a Tradie because you know there is going to be a HUGE callout fee.

Why not ask your neighbours if they need something repaired at the same time and share the cost of the callout fee. Just ensure you negotiate with your Tradie before you make a firm booking that you will only be paying his/her callout fee once.

Why not share the cost of dyeing your hair with a friend or partner with the same coloured hair.  I recently shared a root touch-up kit with a friend  [ grey hair, what grey hair as Andie MacDowell would say ]

Make up the solution according to the kit instructions, make sure you have a spare pair of gloves and applicator brush.   Because it is only a 10 minute process you will need either two showers or a plug in shower hose .

How do you share to save money?



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